More Cloth Nappies + A Little PT Kuwento

I am happy to say that eversince I started using cloth diapers on my son since February, we're still very much into in until now. 

A little background about our potty training (PT) journey first. Well I thought Trev would be potty trained soon because he has gained bladder control already. 
  • There were days when he wakes up with a dry diaper. He would only pee upon waking up in the morning.
  • He doesn't get upset when he sees his poop being flushed into the toilet. I read some toddlers get upset, making it a challenge for them to learn to use the potty.
  • When he's wearing briefs, he says "wiwi", when he feels the need to. 

Unfortunately, I noticed recently that when he's on his briefs, instead of telling me or his Tatay that he wants to pee, like what he used to do, he appears to be holding it everytime. Imagine, he won't pee for like 4 to 6 hours when he's wearing briefs. I was wondering why because it's quite impossible he won't because he nurses from me all the time and he drinks lots of water and juices. 

On the other hand, whenever he's on his nappy, he would pee anytime he feels it. Hubby and I proved that he really is holding it when one time, Trev said he wanted to pee but didn't want to go to the CR to do the deed. When hubby was able to convince him, Trev stopped by the door and appeared to look like he was uneasy and all, and then boom, he peed one step away from the CR's door. Kawawa naman. 

Anyway, since then, I was under the impression that he wasn't ready yet. So I told myself to just take it easy and not pressure him to potty train. He will choose his own time. We're just here for him. And we're very willing to wait. We know that time will come soon. We will continue to guide him.

I still don him in briefs everyday though but only for very short periods of time. I am afraid of the possibility of him acquiring UTI because he always holds his pee whenever he's on briefs. But since he still needs presko time, especially nowadays when the weather is really, really hot, I still give it to him. 

To make it easy and not put pressure on him, I decided that it's best if I just put him on his nappies instead. And what better nappies to use but cloth diapers! 

Since he only has 4 CDs, I bought a few more pieces for him. Di na ako nanghinayang, kesa naman magka-UTI baby ko, di ba? :-) Besides, since I know that we're nearing the potty training stage, I don't mind buying him some new CDs because I can always destash it anytime. One of the advantages of using cloth diapers! Love it talaga!

These were what I got for him this time. 

Got this from Asya's Cradle.

The little guy was really excited when he saw the package. :-)

Left: Kawaii Good Night Heavy Wetter (Aqua Aloha)
Right: Fluffy D's OSFM Pocket CD (Denim design)
I also got an additional Fluffy D's hybrid soaker, which is by the way, pretty impressive!

Asya's Cradle was also very generous in giving me some freebies! Yey! It was really a surprise when I saw the cloth wipe and the CJ's BUTTer included in my fluffy mail. I mentioned before that she gave me a little something when I first ordered from her. This time around, she gave me freebies naman. Thanks again, Ms. VG! :-)

This fluffy mail I got from Thrifty Mama Shoppe.
Left to right: Alva Baby (Monster), Alva Baby (Rockstar), Sunbaby (Stripes)
And an additional 5-layer bamboo charcoal insert.

It's my second time to order from both online stores and I am pretty satisfied. Both arrived before the holy week started. Really fast transactions! Love it!

We've been exclusively using cloth diapers since Sunday of last week. Plus cotton briefs once in a while, like what I mentioned above. But we've never used disposable diapers since then. Hurray! 

Whenever I buy CDs, I try my best to get different but affordable brands so I know which one is better for my son. Anyway, I will try to make a review of each brand next time. Plus the CJ's BUTTer, too. I really like it. :-)


  1. wow its good that you are into Clothe Diapering as well. Aside from the fact that its good for the environment its best for your baby too

  2. Addict ka na sa CD sis hehe... Ang cucute naman kasi ng designs e. Anyway, may big sizes na din ang Alva sis. Pang laban sa Kawaii hehe

    Mommy Maye


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