New Samples From Sample Room

Finally, after many months from my last sample, here's my new batch. It took a while for me to get new samples from Sample Room because for one, I was lacking points on some of the interesting products I would like to try. Some naman which my points could avail, out of stock, huhu. 

So, when I finally got the chance, I was able to get these. 

Ora Care Mouth Wash, Venus & Mars Naturals Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil
and Gluta - C Feminine Wash

The little guy couldn't help but to "try" the product himself. Haha!
Please excuse the magulong hair! :-P

Can't wait to try these products and share my experience with you soon. :-)


  1. Oracare is good..Gusto ko nga ulit sana magtake ng orders kaso lagi out of stocck ung gusto ko na products.

  2. Those are nice freebies and sample. I'm interested on the Feminine wash, I can't wait for your review and I wish you get your sample more often and the products are available at all times, para ma avail agad when you got your points na.:) Great freebie Sis:)

  3. Sample Room! Until now I haven't able to register. :-(

  4. I have the Emu Oil from the goodie bag I got few days ago. I want to check on their samples again. ;)

  5. This reminded me to get another sample from them.

  6. I checked the site during the weekend and the items available are limited now. Ora Care is a good product because it does not kill the good bacteria found in our mouths which I read in the past.


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