Pancakes For The Little Boy!

I have always been trying my best to look for new meal ideas for my little one daily para hindi siya magsawa. One time, when we went grocery shopping, we passed by the shelves where the boxes of pancakes are displayed. I asked hubby if we could get one so Trev could try. Yes, he's never had pancakes yet, well, not until we bought that for him. 

He really enjoyed eating it. Said it's yummy daw! 

Top: Pancakes with egg
Bottom: Pancakes with fruits
Both with maple syrup

Yesterday, while we were again at the grocery, I was supposed to get another box but then I backed off. I remembered that I saw a very easy and quick recipe for pancakes with only two main ingredients, egg and banana! Yes, no flour! I thought it would be better if I try to cook that first. If it works, then better. 

What do you know? It did work! Yay! I was so happy that my beloved toddler liked it, too! 

Home-made pancakes topped with mangoes. :-)

I saw the idea from the BLW Facebook group where I am a member of. One of the mommies shared that she made pancakes out of an egg and a banana. I am sorry I failed to get the link but credit goes to her and to the group. :-)

What you need: 
1 banana
1 egg
Oil for frying


How to do it:
  1. Simply mash the banana using a fork. 
  2. Beat the egg and mix well with the mashed banana. 
  3. Heat the pan. Add very little oil.
  4. Fry until you see that the edges start to brown a bit. Turn the pancake for the other side to cook. 

  • I added about a tablespoon of fresh milk the first time I made these and it was yummy, too!
  • According to what I read, do not use butter or margarine in frying because the pancake will become sloppy. I haven't tried it though so I am honestly not sure. 
  • Make sure that the non-stick pan is well heated (under medium heat) already before pouring enough amount of the mixture. 
  • I am not sure what other kinds of bananas to use but in my case, I used a medium lakatan banana.

I am very happy with the result. I guess I won't have to buy store bought pancakes from now on! Yay! 

Bananas are very flexible talaga. You can also make cookies using bananas and some oats, too. Mash, microwave, then done! Awesome! 

Any quick and easy recipe you have tried, too? I would love to know! :-)


  1. My kids are also a big fan of pancake. U usually add chocolate chip into the pancake batter, powdered sugar or maple syrup on top. I should try add fruits on top next time maybe some berries or banana... yung caramelized banana on top sa pancake.. yum! nagutom tuloy ako hehehe. Thanks for sharing the recipe idea Sis:)

  2. I've tried adding blueberries to pancakes or even maple syrup..they taste good too :)

  3. Egg and banana lang sis? Hmm, we need to try this. We are using floor and egg e. Mukhang masarap nga kasi enjoy si Trev oh.

    Mommy Maye

    1. Yep, sis. Egg and banana lang. Kakaaliw nga eh noh? Parang omelet lang pero pancake, haha! :-)

  4. Parang maruya style. but maruya uses malagkit or flour tapos shopped lang ung bananas.

  5. He seems happy with what you prepared! Ang sarap daw, Mommy Van! It's great talaga to be a member of various group because you'll get interesting information which you could use at home like this recipe!

  6. nothing beats pancakes for breakfast! (by the way, why kaya do we filipinos call them hotcakes?)

  7. That's true! You can make lots of foodie from banana. I made ice cream from it too and would share it on the blog next week!

  8. That's true! We can really make many types of foodie from banana. I just made ice cream using banana and I would share it on the blog soon! In case you want to drop by, I blog at pinkheartstring.com :)

  9. Wow.. ang galing naman.. I should try din this one baka thru this kakain na ang picky eater ko. hehe

  10. I tried to make pancake the other day and its so good. My kids loved them. I'll add banana's next time:)

  11. I saw that video, too. It is for healthy eating. There are other easy recipes on the youtube channel, too.


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