Simple Joys Photo: Trev And His "Train"

Kids' imagination are truly amusing, noh? :-)

The other day, my little boy sat down on the bed, got two of his hotdog pillows and placed each on both of his sides, and then grabbed his dice pillow and pretended to "drive" it. I asked him what he was doing. He said, he's driving a train daw. Haha! 

Simple Joys Photo: Trev And His "Train"
My son enjoying his make-believe train. :-)

Several times, I mentioned in this blog that my son super loves all sorts of vehicles. Construction vehicles, race cars, airplanes, even tricycles and MRT and a whole lot more!

We have quite a lot of photos of him "driving" tuloy. Ang saya saya kasi niya everytime, and we couldn't help but take pictures. :-)


  1. Happy Trev! And mukha na syang girl sis, long hair na. Hehe. Talagang mga boys, they love cars and the likes no. Simple joy lang :)

    Mommy Maye

  2. The joy of the child is the joy of the Mom!

  3. I agree wil Mommy Maye para ngang girl si Trev sa hair nya heheh cute.. Children really are imaginative hehehe..

  4. I agree with Mommy Maye sis, parang girl nga si Trev sa hair nya hehehe.. cute! Children are really imaginative nuh.. hehehe


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