Back To Bento - Making

Well, I actually didn't stop preparing bento, I still do, everyday, for my hubby's baon in the office. Only that, I make simple bentos na lang so I don't make a blog post about it anymore. If you've, by any chance, read my blog before, you might have stumbled upon a bento post from me since I almost always make a post about it all the time. So, maybe I could just revise the title into "Back to Blogging about Bento" instead, hahaha! 

Anyway, since Trev has started schooling two weeks ago, I have opened again my box of bento tools (I have been using only a few for hubby, the rest I kept) and made him daily snack bento for his baon. These aren't actually much as I am not very good at bento-making. But I find it really exciting to be making something new for him daily so even if I'm not good at it, for as long as I know that my son loves it, I'm okay with that! :-P 

So far, here's what I prepared for him on his first week in school. 

Monday: Grapes, vehicle-shaped cheese sandwiches, pinwheels, and oatmeal cookies.


Trev's Playschool Update

At last, a blog update. It's been weeks since I last updated. Been very busy. Trev has started school last June 16 and my schedule has become so full since then. I am not complaining though, as a matter of fact, I am enjoying every bit of it.

Anyway, I have been wanting to blog about Trev's first time in school but I really have no time to do so. Glad I could squeeze some time now. I would like to share this story with a letter for my little one. 

Here goes:

Trev, our dearest,

First of all, I would like to apologize for thinking that you would cry on your first day/week in school. I honestly thought you would, knowing how shy you are with new faces around you. Since the first day you started schooling, you never showed signs that you don't like school. As a matter of fact, you love going there. You love your teachers and classmates. You're always excited you almost always want to drag me out of our house just to go to school, haha! 

On your first day in school. You're very excited! And the three of us arrived
very early for your class, too. :-)


Greenhills Shopping Center To Hold Recycler’s Bazaar

In its continuous effort to promote green living and awareness on proper solid waste management, Greenhills Shopping Center continues the fifth run of Cash for Scrap: A Recyclers’ Bazaar on June 29. 

Cash for Scrap: A Recyclers’ Bazaar


We Had Fun At The Ogalala (System In Play) Workshop!

One weekend last May, we were at Toy Kingdom just to pass the time while we were waiting for Trev's pedia at Healthway. Our very inquisitive toddler kept asking "What's that?" in almost all of the things that he sees inside the store (which of course we always gladly answer). One of the staffs approached us and asked how old our child is. She said she noticed that our son looks very curious about all the toys. We said he's 2. She asked if our home is just near the area because Ogalala World is having a workshop soon. She handed a magazine-like brochure to us and introduced Ogalala World

Eventhough we live far away from Quezon City already, hubby and I got interested and thought the workshop is a nice idea especially that Trev is going to school soon. And besides, it's free! Hihi! 

To make the long story short, yes, we went to the said event last June 7. 

Here are some pictures to help me share with you our fun experience at the Ogalala Child Development Workshop. 

Just arrived and very excited! :-)

Gifted Experiments

What happens when exceptionally talented children give surprise public performances? For the past two years, the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp has been giving talented children around the country the chance to show their talents on the big stage. These children proved to be even more talented when some of them performed outside the so-called big stage. Nathan, Fitri, and Karl awed passersby with their talents as they performed in BGC and Eastwood.

The audience didn’t know they were in for a show until these three kids captured their attention with their performances. Children can only truly reach their potential if their talents are nurtured properly.

Witness more talents develop on Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp Season 3, as they showcase the journey of exceptionally talented preschoolers with the help of their parents, proper environment, and proper nutrition with Promil Pre-school. 

Exceptional talent always shines best when shared! Watch the bigger and brighter Promil i-Shine Talent Camp 3 on ABSC-CBN starting June 28!

Disclaimer: This is a pre-written press release. No compensation in any kind was received in posting this particular article.


Trev's Third Haircut

In preparation for Trev's schooling, hubby and I decided that he needs to have a haircut. Although the school didn't require us to, we still feel the need since his hair is growing very long again. As much as I would love to keep his long hair (I really do!), I have to let it go! Haha! Senti lang. Anyway, it's for his comfort din naman, so that's fine with me.

Since he was born, he only had two haircuts pa lang. His first was at Cuts 4 Tots and his second was at Cute Barbers, both are catering especially for toddlers and babies. This time around, hubby and I thought of bringing him to our friendly neighborhood barber instead. Good thing that there's one near our place that accepts toddlers. 

So, the other day, off we went to the barber shop. We've been priming him the past several days already since during his first two haircut experiences, he did nothing but cry! Hihi! This time, he actually seemed excited. We've been telling him that we will visit the barber shop for him to have a haircut. He was even the one who was hurrying us up while we were preparing to go there. He kept saying "Outside! Let's go! Barber shop!". Haha! 

Excited to go to the barber shop. He even brought with him his toy helicopter.
Haha! :-)

Children Of Multiple Intelligence

When speaking of “intelligence,” most people only think of academic aptitude, such as readiness towards schoolwork or getting high grades. Thus, parents say their child is “smart” when he or she lands the top of their class. But with the advent of ‘multiple intelligence’ – the simplistic definition of intelligence no longer holds. Now more people are realizing that true intelligence covers a broader spectrum of an individual’s capabilities.

A new context of ‘smart’

The concept of Multiple Intelligence was first introduced by Dr. Howard Gardner, an educational psychologist at Harvard University who explored the topic in his book Frames Of Mind. Dia Kagaoan, psychologist, licensed teacher, entrepreneur and SPED educator, trained under Dr. Gardner himself when the latter came to the Philippines in 1985. Dia explains that according to Gardner’s theory, there are multiple ways that a child can be smart, and to date has listed nine categories of intelligence. “From the standpoint of early childhood development, the most relevant types on this list can be narrowed down to three: Brain Smart, People Smart, Body Smart,” she says.

Dia says a child has the capacity to achieve holistic development if provided with suitable instruction, encouragement, and nutrition.


Our Little Toddler Is Going To School!

Finally, Trev is now enrolled at our chosen play school. Actually, this is already a very late post. Been very busy lately I couldn't find time to blog, huhu! 

Anyway, here goes. A few days from now will be Trev's big day. It's his first day in play school. Wohooo! This week, I will be going to his school to attend the orientation. 

I have mentioned in my previous post that we visited a school in Malolos but since it's way too far from where we live, we decided not to enroll Trev there anymore. And while the school is nice, we don't want the little one to endure the long travel daily. Like I said, sure he'd be too tired. 

Thank God we found another play school near our place. Actually, been seeing that school back when we were still in the processing stage of the acquisition of our home here in Bulacan. I have been imagining myself inquiring there for my little one. The other week, it came true. Haha! 

During his assessment with Teacher Ria. :-)

Dare To Go Short Hair?

Summer just flew by so fast, don’t you think so? It was so hot the past summer months that I noticed a lot of ladies sporting short hair. Celebrities, mostly, and they look really fab with their new hair style. Local celebs like Sarah Geronimo, Kris Aquino, and Judy Ann Santos, have chopped their long tresses and they all look stunning with their new look. 

There are different lovely short hairstyles that ladies can choose from. But I noticed that pixie hair style is very “in” nowadays. Hollywood stars like Emma Watsons, Ann Hathaway, and Jennifer Lawrence all had it and I must say that they carry it really well and they all look super fab! And oh, have you seen the new look of Rihanna? She’s sporting it, too! Not only that, she’s wearing it pink, wow. I personally think she carries it fabulously.

Are you brave enough to chop your long hair and do the rihanna short hairstyles

I, personally, have never sported short hair as I was born with natural curls so it’s kind of hard to maintain it short, at least in my case. But if given the chance, well, I would probably give it a try. 

I guess, sometimes, it’s good to experiment with your hair style once in a while. Color it red perhaps, or cut it really short, it’s all up to you. Honestly, I am not really very adept with hair styles. I have been sporting the same hair style all my life but I am a fan of those who could really show off new looks through their hair. I adore the look and the confidence they exude. Like I said, if only I have hair like theirs, maybe I could try and explore new hair styles, too. But, uhmm, well, for now, I am okay with my curls. 

How about you? Have you tried experimenting on your hair styles, too? What’s the boldest you’ve done so far?


Our Visit To Galileo Malolos

When we decided to enroll Trev in a playschool, I began to busy myself searching the web to find the right school for him. Since we are living (a bit) away from the Metro, I honestly have no idea what schools we can go to here in our place. In the Metro, there's Gymboree, Kindermusik and the like, but here, I really have to search online since I am not yet very familiar with the place. 

In one of the mommy forums I stumbled upon when I was googling for toddler schools, day care centers, play schools, and the like, one of the names that stood out was Galileo Enrichment Learning Program. From what I read, Galileo is similar with Kumon and E-nopi, however they have what they call Little Explorers, their version of day care, for toddlers as young as 1.5 years old.

One mom from Bulacan said that there's one branch in Malolos. I got curious and interested at the same time because of the positive feedback I have read. I asked hubby if we could go and visit. He agreed, albeit quite hesitant because based on the map, the location is far from where we live.

Anyway, so there. I sent a message to the contact number I saw from their website to inquire. Then we went to visit their branch in The Cabanas in Malolos more than two weeks ago. 

We arrived lunch time so we assumed it's their noon break.
We spent a few minutes waiting for 1PM while roaming around The Cabanas.