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Well, I actually didn't stop preparing bento, I still do, everyday, for my hubby's baon in the office. Only that, I make simple bentos na lang so I don't make a blog post about it anymore. If you've, by any chance, read my blog before, you might have stumbled upon a bento post from me since I almost always make a post about it all the time. So, maybe I could just revise the title into "Back to Blogging about Bento" instead, hahaha! 

Anyway, since Trev has started schooling two weeks ago, I have opened again my box of bento tools (I have been using only a few for hubby, the rest I kept) and made him daily snack bento for his baon. These aren't actually much as I am not very good at bento-making. But I find it really exciting to be making something new for him daily so even if I'm not good at it, for as long as I know that my son loves it, I'm okay with that! :-P 

So far, here's what I prepared for him on his first week in school. 

Monday: Grapes, vehicle-shaped cheese sandwiches, pinwheels, and oatmeal cookies.

Which my son enjoyed during their snack time on his first day at school.

He's finished with the grapes here. He's eating the cookies next.

Tuesday: Nothing much here as it's almost the same as his baon
the previous day, except I didn't include pinwheels this time.

But he still enjoyed it though. :-)

He's finished with the two cups already! Getting ready for the cheese sandwiches.
He loves cheese, just like his Tatay. :-)

Wednesday: Grapes, bread sticks, star-shaped sandwiches and a ball cookie.
Funny because he ate half of the cookie already while we were still
outside the room waiting for his class.It was actually his Tatay's pasalubong for him
(hubby got it from work, they gave it to him as a dad's day treat )

Thursday: Grapes, biscuits, a car-shaped cheese sandwich with oatmeal cookies as wheels.
He loved the car!

Friday: Tamagoyaki, grapes, nuggets with smiley face and star-shaped sandwiches.

Parents are actually encouraged to stay outside while the class is ongoing but on his first day, we were allowed to go in. On his second day, I was only allowed to go in during snack time. Third day onwards, I didn't go inside anymore. Thus, no pictures of him enjoying his snacks here. But I always take a peek at the glass window to see how's he's doing in class. During snack time, I always take a peek, too, and gladly, he's eating his baon happily. I also see him sharing it with his classmates. Good job, baby! :-)

I hope I could make different healthy bentos for him in the future. It's really so much fun preparing baon for him the bento way. If only I could add more bento tools, I would, hihi! I would love to make kyarabens for him next time. I really hope I could because I know he'd love that. :-)

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