Our Little Toddler Is Going To School!

Finally, Trev is now enrolled at our chosen play school. Actually, this is already a very late post. Been very busy lately I couldn't find time to blog, huhu! 

Anyway, here goes. A few days from now will be Trev's big day. It's his first day in play school. Wohooo! This week, I will be going to his school to attend the orientation. 

I have mentioned in my previous post that we visited a school in Malolos but since it's way too far from where we live, we decided not to enroll Trev there anymore. And while the school is nice, we don't want the little one to endure the long travel daily. Like I said, sure he'd be too tired. 

Thank God we found another play school near our place. Actually, been seeing that school back when we were still in the processing stage of the acquisition of our home here in Bulacan. I have been imagining myself inquiring there for my little one. The other week, it came true. Haha! 

During his assessment with Teacher Ria. :-)

Happily playing! We had quite a hard time getting him off from that see-saw!
He just loves it! :-)

Things that hubby and I liked about the play school:

Location: It's just about 10 to 15 minutes away from where we live. We like that it's very accessible. Trev won't have a hard time and surely, he won't get too tired when we travel to and from school daily. 

Tuition Fee: I have been searching online for play school for my little one and some I saw have very expensive tuition fees! I read there are even schools that charge more than Ph100k! Whoa! In our humble opinion, that's just too much and not practical anymore. We are a single income family and we couldn't afford to pay too much. Actually, even if for some reasons we could, there's a big possibility that we will still not choose a school that charges that much. That's just our personal take and I mean no offense to others. Anyway, glad that in our chosen school, the tuition fee is very reasonable.

Teaching Method and Facilities: It's a progressive school and with nice facilities. They have an area outside where kids can play and explore and even tend to their own plants if they want (all these with teachers' presence of course). They also have a kitchen and an area for art activities. An indoor play area is also present with lots of educational toys and books. 

Teacher - Student Ratio: The teacher/owner said that for their Active Tots class (where my son is now enrolled), they accept only around 6 to 10 students, with one teacher and a teacher aide.  They want to make sure that all kids get the right attention so they want to keep the class size small.

We're pretty much excited and at the same time, admittedly, anxious, about this new stage in our son's life. I hope he enjoys school. We really want him to have fun, aside from learn and meet new friends.

Of course, my husband and I have been teaching him at home but we want to explore more opportunities for his physical, intellectual, and social/emotional development. We feel really happy that we're blessed with such a smart boy. :-)

So, there you go! I am actually expecting bouts of drama on the first week, haha! But, I am slowly preparing myself. I know, my son will cry but I trust that he will be able to adjust soon enough. I feel mixed emotions right now, actually. Baka instead of him, ako ang maiyak. Hihi! 

My 2 years and 7 months old son. Fitting his school uniform. :-)

This is it! My son is going to be a school boy soon. Oh my, he's a big boy na! Sigh. Anyway, in my heart, he will always be my baby. :-)


  1. Replies
    1. Sis, Trev is 2 years and 7 months. He's turning 3 on October. :-)

    2. Any thoughts po... My daughter is 3 years old now and we plan na by 4 years old na namin sya pag-aralin. Would that be okay?

    3. I guess, it's okay naman, sis. In my opinion, it really depends on her readiness. Siguro, you can home school her muna for the mean time para by the time she starts to go to school, she's ready na. :-)

  2. Wow, he's only 2 years and 7 months old but already going to school! Best wishes to Trev! :)

  3. Wah napressure naman ako! Alanganin si Yuri eh. His birthday is on March, so he'll be starting school talaga at 3. It's okay, though. What an exciting milestone for you guys and Trev!

    1. Naku, don't be pressured sis! Mas okay nga yung birthday ni Yuri kasi March, sakto 3 when he starts school. Si Trev ang alanganin kasi his birthday is October. I read somewhere, di ko lang maremember where, na if the child daw will celebrate his 3rd birthday until October, covered siya ng current school year but if November na sya mag-3, next year na siya mag-school. Kaya tuloy si Trev, turning 3 pa lang, enrolled na, hihi! kasi October birthday niya. Ako tuloy ang biglang napressure when I found out about that. Aysus! Haha! :-)

      Thank you, sis! Onga, an exciting milestone. Hihi!

      Goodluck to you and Yuri, too, for next year. He will start school na. Yay! Big boys na mga babies natin! :-)

  4. Good luck Trev! Matt will be in Kinder1 naman on the 16th tapos birthday nya pa. Dapat kahapon but for a reason they changed it to June 16. Ako ang concern ko talaga is the way Matt behave inside the classroom kasi pag sa bahay medyo hyper sya e. Last summer sabi ni Teacher nya he's good kaso uncontrollable lang ang behavior. Matt kasi has tendency na ma-bore and he will say pa na naturo na daw sa kanya yun hehe. Hopefully since Kinder1 naman na ito, medyo di sya mabore. Good luck to our boys sis. Naku mas lalo tayong mawalan ng oras magblog nito. hehe.

    Mommy Maye

  5. Trev looks so happy! but of course moms are always more excited, haha!
    I'm sure he'll enjoy the play school. Good choice! :)


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