Our Visit To Galileo Malolos

When we decided to enroll Trev in a playschool, I began to busy myself searching the web to find the right school for him. Since we are living (a bit) away from the Metro, I honestly have no idea what schools we can go to here in our place. In the Metro, there's Gymboree, Kindermusik and the like, but here, I really have to search online since I am not yet very familiar with the place. 

In one of the mommy forums I stumbled upon when I was googling for toddler schools, day care centers, play schools, and the like, one of the names that stood out was Galileo Enrichment Learning Program. From what I read, Galileo is similar with Kumon and E-nopi, however they have what they call Little Explorers, their version of day care, for toddlers as young as 1.5 years old.

One mom from Bulacan said that there's one branch in Malolos. I got curious and interested at the same time because of the positive feedback I have read. I asked hubby if we could go and visit. He agreed, albeit quite hesitant because based on the map, the location is far from where we live.

Anyway, so there. I sent a message to the contact number I saw from their website to inquire. Then we went to visit their branch in The Cabanas in Malolos more than two weeks ago. 

We arrived lunch time so we assumed it's their noon break.
We spent a few minutes waiting for 1PM while roaming around The Cabanas.

And taking some photos, too. :-P

Walking around the place.

When we went there around 1PM, we noticed that there were kids being tutored by some of the teachers already. We were warmly welcomed by the owner of the branch. She was very nice. I am really sorry I totally forgot to ask her name. My bad.

Trev was in his bibo mood that time. When she asked him his name and age, he cheerfully answered back. She then offered Trev to play around the classroom (they have a corner for play time). Trev willingly agreed. He was accompanied by hubby, while I spoke with the owner to inquire about their day care program (Little Explorers). 

I got really interested. She explained everything so well. The activities that the kids will do, what time the class will start, what they will do first, what they will do next, what time their snack time is, the values that they will teach the kids, and so on. She even offered us to sit-in during their summer classes. Sayang nga, because we inquired too late already, the summer class for April has ended and May has started a week before our visit. 

Of course, we also talked about the requirements and fees. 

I guess you can say that I was already convinced, but of course, we still have to consider a lot of other things.

Anyway, while we were there, Trev was also offered to play with this wooden alphabet puzzles by one of the teachers. Trev happily obliged. It was his first time to play with such. Hubby and I were so proud of our little darling when he sat down and solved the puzzle on his own, without help from any of us. The teachers, as well as the owner, were so amazed. Of course, hubby and I were both very happy.

My 2-year old Trev happily solving the puzzle. :-)

It's actually the first time he's ever seen and held this kind of puzzle. :-)

We were just there watching and observing him.
Thanks to the very nice teachers (they're the ones in red) who offered the puzzles
for Trev to play with.

Finished! Yey! Good job, baby! :-)

After a while, the owner chatted with Trev again. She was so amused that he was conversing really well with her. Whenever she asks him a question, sinasagot niya talaga nang tama. When she asked him what toy he played with, Trev answered that he played with cars. He said he wants to play with rocket ship, too, and wheels! Haha! I guess, our shy little one was in his chatty mood that time. Of course, as parents, our hearts were swelling with pride. Considering that he was a late talker (only started to really talk at 24 months.)

We're really very happy about Trev's performance that day. It was some sort of an informal assessment test. 
Exploring some areas of their nice classroom.

At the entrance of Galileo Malolos.

So, there you go. Hubby was right though. Galileo Malolos is indeed far from where we live. Sad. :-(

If not considering the distance and the time the classes start, and uhmm, admittedly the fees, too, we would have really wanted to enroll him at Galileo. But then, hubby is worried because the travel time would take around 30 to 40 minutes for us to reach the location of their center in Malolos. Their class starts at 8AM. It would be very difficult for us to commute and go there on time everyday. Trev would obviously have a hard time because of the early morning rush. Sure he'd be too tired. We're worried that instead of him enjoying going to school, he'd dislike it. Of course, we don't want that to happen. We want him to have fun, too.

Maybe when Trev's a little bit bigger already and can handle well the long travel, we'll try Galileo's enrichment programs. We can't say yet as of now. We'll see.

We're really thankful about the owner's and the teachers' warm welcome and accommodation during our short visit. 

Anyway, I would recommend Galileo if you plan to enroll your kids in this kind of set up. Whether you're near one of their centers or you don't mind long travels going to one, don't hesitate and visit. You can try their Little Explorers program for younger kids or their English and Math enhancement programs for children ages 3 to 12. I can say it's worth it. I'm not compensated to say this, it's just my personal opinion, really. :-)

N2- 2nd Floor, The Cabanas Kms. 
44/45 McArthur Highway, Longos,
Malolos City


  1. I think you've made the right decision of not enrolling him due to the travel time, he'll be exhausted by the time he gets to the center. No worries, he's a smart little boy!

    1. Thank you sis! Right, ang layo kasi, sayang. But thank God He led us to another playschool that's just about 10 minutes away from our place, and it's just perfect! We enrolled our son there na.

      Oh, thank you! The compliment is appreciated. Hihi! :-)

  2. The playschool looks really cool, but yes you're right I dont think it would be good if it's too far from where you lilve

  3. Wow sayang super ganda pa naman ng calileo kaso malayo nga lang. Its difficult for travel din or you and Trev pagnagktaon. Surely he place is nice! feel na feel nga neh Trev yung puzzle game.:)

  4. Good job Trev! Start na ba school ni Trev? Matt will be in school on June 16 pa. Namove daw as per the Directress. Yay, birthday nya pa yun. Hehe

    Mommy Maye

    1. Sa 16 din si Trev. sis. Sabay pala school nila ni Matt, hihi! Advance happy birthday, Matt! :-)

  5. Trev is so smart sis. You are both lucky parents. As for the school, it's good to hear you chose to enroll him in a nearby school than traveling 30-40 minutes and super aga pa ng class. Kaya don't worry too much mas convenient pa rin yung school na malapit lang..:-)

  6. Wow, Trev is so smart! He would do well anywhere. Galileo looks so impressive but at his age, it would be good that school would not be stressful from external causes such as long travel time! You are fortunate to have a bright kid but he is also so fortunate to have such supportive and hands-on parents!

  7. cute.. bibo kid si trev.. hehehe:) good luck on his first day of school :)


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