Trev's Playschool Update

At last, a blog update. It's been weeks since I last updated. Been very busy. Trev has started school last June 16 and my schedule has become so full since then. I am not complaining though, as a matter of fact, I am enjoying every bit of it.

Anyway, I have been wanting to blog about Trev's first time in school but I really have no time to do so. Glad I could squeeze some time now. I would like to share this story with a letter for my little one. 

Here goes:

Trev, our dearest,

First of all, I would like to apologize for thinking that you would cry on your first day/week in school. I honestly thought you would, knowing how shy you are with new faces around you. Since the first day you started schooling, you never showed signs that you don't like school. As a matter of fact, you love going there. You love your teachers and classmates. You're always excited you almost always want to drag me out of our house just to go to school, haha! 

On your first day in school. You're very excited! And the three of us arrived
very early for your class, too. :-)

You look very interested with what your teacher is asking you to do. :-)

Working on your very first project.

I guess you could say we trained you well in packing away your toys, anak.
Look here, when your teacher asked the class to pack away the toys,
you were the one who took the lead and packed away, haha!

Our only family picture on your first day in school. Tatay filed a
leave from work to witness this wonderful milestone in your life. We both
wouldn't miss it for anything. We love you so much, baby!

Tatay and I were only allowed to go with you inside the room on the first day. On your second day, I left you with your teachers already. I hid from you and sneaked through the door so you won't notice I left. I was waiting for your cries looking for me but I didn't hear any. I took a peek at the glass window, trying my best for you not to see me and I saw you having fun tracing letters of your name. Good job, anak! 

On the other hand, it made me kind of uneasy knowing that you weren't looking for me anymore. I think I felt a little separation anxiety right there. Ayan tuloy, it became a habit for me (and the other moms/guardians outside the room, too!) to occasionally peek through the window to check what's going on inside your room. Haha! Don't worry, anak, I'm just right outside the door in case you need me. Yes, anak, I don't just bring you to school and fetch you, I wait outside your room until your class is finished. That's two hours and I don't mind, really. I enjoy the occasional peek I make whenever I get the chance. Oh, if only I could watch you in class the whole two hours. :-)

One time, I peeked at the window again and saw you painting an ant. You colored it green! Another time, I saw you eating your snack alone, but when I peeked again, you already joined one of your classmates on the other table. Your teacher was with you, too, and you all looked very happy. I am so glad you have adjusted really well. 

That's you painting the ant green. Took this photo outside your room, careful for you not to see me.
I stepped on a monoblock chair just to reach the high glass window and "stole" this photo, haha! :-)

You have been doing wonderful, anak! You bring home stars (stamped on your hands) after school. You always come running to me after school dismissal and excitedly show me your stars.  At night, when your Tatay comes home from work, you happily show your stars to him, too. You make Tatay and Nanay so proud and happy, anak. 

Your very first star! Congratulations, anak. Keep it up! :-)

The other day, your teacher talked to me and told me that one of your classmates accidentally poked her with something (I forgot exactly) but your classmate probably forgot to say sorry. You approached your teacher and she said "Ouchie". Your teacher was surprised because you hugged her when you found out she's feeling ouchie. That's very good, anak! 

Some guardians/parents are still going inside the room during class especially those with younger kids and they said that they notice how you behave inside the class, too. Everyone who sees you keeps saying that you're a good boy. One time after your class was dismissed and I was fixing our things outside the room, I heard your teacher and the aide tell another lady that you're a good boy nga daw. When I looked at your direction, I saw you being carried by your teacher. So cute! You don't usually allow anyone to carry you, only me or your Tatay. 

We noticed the changes in you on your third day in school. You have been learning a lot and you have improved so well. You are not very aloof anymore when you see new faces. You know all your teachers' name. Your vocabulary increased, too! Credits to all your very nice teachers.

Showing some of your projects in school. Good job, baby!

Sometimes, you would grab anything that looks like a microphone to you then you'll sing. We always hear you sing songs which your teachers sing with you at school. When I sing "Where is Vincent? Where is Vincent?", you would automatically answer while singing "Here I am! Here I am!". Adorbs!

The original version of this video is more than a minute long, if I'm not mistaken. But here I am posting just a part of it, from IG. I have no idea what you're singing here, anak, but to me, you absolutely look so adorable! Haha! And the mic! Oh my, even my sample Dove Deo ginawa mong mic, haha!

Eversince you were small, I have always taught and encouraged you to pray and talk to God. So, when you started schooling and your teachers encourage you and your classmates to pray also, you automatically would. You look so adorable whenever you pray.

Look! I was super amused when you prayed and you looked like this, hihi!
Sooo cute!

Oh, I almost forgot, as much as you like going to school, you don't like naman to have your pictures taken in your school uniform. Kulit lang, ahihi! Glad I was able to take these photos of you. Stolen shots pa yang mga yan. :-)
Yes, anak, you still always wear your shades whenever we go out of the house.
That's your favorite accesory talaga. :-)

Your Friday get up, jogging pants! :-)

We're super proud of you, anak. Keep it up, okay? Tatay and Nanay will always be here for you no matter what. May God always bless you. We love you soooo much!

Nanay and Tatay

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