Trev's Third Haircut

In preparation for Trev's schooling, hubby and I decided that he needs to have a haircut. Although the school didn't require us to, we still feel the need since his hair is growing very long again. As much as I would love to keep his long hair (I really do!), I have to let it go! Haha! Senti lang. Anyway, it's for his comfort din naman, so that's fine with me.

Since he was born, he only had two haircuts pa lang. His first was at Cuts 4 Tots and his second was at Cute Barbers, both are catering especially for toddlers and babies. This time around, hubby and I thought of bringing him to our friendly neighborhood barber instead. Good thing that there's one near our place that accepts toddlers. 

So, the other day, off we went to the barber shop. We've been priming him the past several days already since during his first two haircut experiences, he did nothing but cry! Hihi! This time, he actually seemed excited. We've been telling him that we will visit the barber shop for him to have a haircut. He was even the one who was hurrying us up while we were preparing to go there. He kept saying "Outside! Let's go! Barber shop!". Haha! 

Excited to go to the barber shop. He even brought with him his toy helicopter.
Haha! :-)

The "Before" photo of his long hair. Five months after his last haircut.

When we arrived, there were like 4 customers ahead of us. There were only two barbers and only one of them could cut a toddler's hair. But since he has 2 customers lined up under him, we had to wait I think almost an hour (or was that an hour already). I have no idea why it took that long. 

Anyway, our little one started to get fussy already due to the long wait. So, as expected, when it was his turn, here's what happened. 

Awww, poor little one! Nawala ang excitement niya! He cried the whole time.
Good thing the barber knew how to handle toddlers, the haircut was finished
after like around 10 minutes.

His Tatay was the one holding him while the haircut was ongoing. We were trying to distract him but to no avail. He kept crying and kept saying "Hug, hug". Aww, kawawa naman. 

Anyway, after the haircut, we changed his shirt and I brought him outside the barber shop while his Tatay remained inside for his haircut also. After a little more while, Trev was okay and was happy again. He got entertained by the passing cars on the street. Haha! 

Here's his "After" photo. :-)
Goodbye long hair!

Yes, haircut at this barber shop is only Ph50!

Okay, not really goodbye pala kasi may natira pa sa long hair niya, haha!

Happy na ulit. Playing with his helicopter once again.

Like the caption above, yes, we only paid Ph50 for Trev's haircut (and hubby's, too) plus tip. Ang mura lang noh? Compared to when we bring him to a kiddie salon, we would have to pay hundreds of pesos for his haircut. Well, yes, I know, kiddie salon comes with perks like car chairs, toys, even lollipops! But then, come to think of it, mahal pa rin! We paid Ph520 (includes a certificate) on his first haircut and Ph300 (basic haircut) on his second haircut. Glad that there's a barber shop near our place that also caters to toddlers, nakatipid kami! Wohoo! :-)

After my boys' haircut, we went to Waltermart to do our grocery. Before we headed to the supermarket though, we brought Trev at Fun House and treated him to two car rides for being a brave boy, despite all the cries, during his haircut. 


He calls this "token car". Haha!

After his car rides at Fun House, we went straight to the supermarket section to buy our groceries.

Until now, he's still very fascinated with brooms and mops and floor brushes, and anything similar.
Ang kulit lang. Haha!

At home, Trev has totally forgotten about what happened at the barber shop and was in his cheerful self again. 

Trev's different faces with his new look!

So, there you go. I guess Trev will become a regular customer of our friendly neighborhood barber shop now that he's already a school boy. His hair grows very fast so we might visit the barber shop again in a couple of months maybe. 


  1. Oo nga may natira pang long hair.. hehehe.. Ang cute ni Trev!
    Last weekend we took our boy to another haircut, halos every 2-3 months visit namin dahil pangit na tingnan pagmahaba dahil kulot hehehe and usually at Gaisano Mall barbershop na tig P60.00.. And as always the barber was able to hurriedly cut his hair while I entertained the boy using my smartphone with kids videos playing..

  2. Lahat ata ng bata ayaw sa barbero. At the end of the experience it's nice that he smiled. Sana wala syang trauma after the experience. I don't understand why kids dislike barbers. but I'm sure they'll outgrow that soon!

  3. He looks so gwapo and matured. Haha.. He's going to play school na nga talaga! How do you feel sis that he's slowly growing up na? :)

  4. What a cutie its terrifying naman cguro for them to cut their hair for the first time. My little one nga I want to cut her hair pero nanghihinayang ako saka nalang cguro.

  5. Trev will used to it eventually. Ganyan din si Matt takot naman sa shaver but good thing he never cry yun lang mukhang shock haha... Gwaping si Trev oh, parang alang naging drama, hehe.

    Mommy Maye

  6. Pogi Trev! My nephew has long hair. He is turning 3 and never had a haircut. We have been egging my cousin to get him a haircut. We'll see.

  7. My uncle/s call this the "jeproks" cut hehe.. cute little boy, he got his eyes from his mother :)

  8. Trev is so handsome! The haircut is so cute, Sis! masasanay din yan. My kids never have any problem getting haircut kasi madami kasing treat aterwards na ibibigay pinapahawak ng lollipop..:)

  9. I also only brought my son to a kiddie salon the first few times. It does cost a lot more than a regular barber kasi. Good thing he agreed to go to a different place for a hair cut when his dad said that they would go together.

  10. It takes some time for the kids to get use to getting their haircut. I'm sure he will have no problem next time as he has some "experience" already. That's really a great price for a haircut. Those kiddy salons really charge a lot!!

  11. I was surprised reading and knowing na 3rd haircut nya pa lang. hehehe
    Ang nga toddlers talaga, they attention can be easily diverted into something. After they cried, konting "pang-uto" lang okay na ulit sila. back to super kulit mode. hehehe


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