We Had Fun At The Ogalala (System In Play) Workshop!

One weekend last May, we were at Toy Kingdom just to pass the time while we were waiting for Trev's pedia at Healthway. Our very inquisitive toddler kept asking "What's that?" in almost all of the things that he sees inside the store (which of course we always gladly answer). One of the staffs approached us and asked how old our child is. She said she noticed that our son looks very curious about all the toys. We said he's 2. She asked if our home is just near the area because Ogalala World is having a workshop soon. She handed a magazine-like brochure to us and introduced Ogalala World

Eventhough we live far away from Quezon City already, hubby and I got interested and thought the workshop is a nice idea especially that Trev is going to school soon. And besides, it's free! Hihi! 

To make the long story short, yes, we went to the said event last June 7. 

Here are some pictures to help me share with you our fun experience at the Ogalala Child Development Workshop. 

Just arrived and very excited! :-)

Oh, how nice that they have a kid's play area and a breastfeeding station inside the play room.

I love that breastfeeding is also a topic during the workshop.

The workshop starts! :-)

Some of the kids, well including mine, were inside the kid's room playing while the talk was ongoing.

Haha! My son had fun with the toys inside the kid's room. Hubby was with him while I stayed outside to listen to the talk.

Sharing to us how to hold your child while reading a book to him/her. You can make the child sit on your lap, and for bigger children, it's better if their face is near your neck so they can be familiar and attached to your scent. Therefore, they'll feel closer to you. In the same way, it would also make them feel that reading is an enjoyable activity, thus they'd become more interested.

I would love for my son to have that book!

After the talk, the fun started for the kids. We got them out from the kid's room to participate in the activities. 

First activity was with blocks! Here, Teacher Maya (I hope I got her name right!) asked Trev to get all the blue blocks. He did it wonderfully! Yehey! Proud nanay! Trev was actually very excited when he saw the blocks, shouting "Building blocks!" the whole time until the teacher went to him, haha!

Next activity was with another kind of blocks from Melissa & Doug. Trev made a tower out of these.

They followed it with wooden puzzles which my son enjoyed, too!

Here he is connecting the Melissa & Doug two-piece wooden puzzle together.

We Had Fun At The Ogalala (System In Play) Workshop!
And then, they gave him these Melissa & Doug wooden animal puzzle next. He played happily!

Okay, here we are eagerly waiting for the next activity.

Another kind of wooden puzzle from Haba was handed to the kids. Trev got an orange chicken!

We Had Fun At The Ogalala (System In Play) Workshop!
It's actually a board game wherein the kids will take turn in stacking the wooden animals together. Clapping for Trev here for stacking his orange chicken on top of the cow. :-)

After the workshop, we were allowed to go around the playroom to look at the available toys. Trev wouldn't let go of this toy train from Emco! Oh, my son super loves trains! 

He wanted it so bad we had to convince him with all our powers to let go of it. Haha!

Good thing he got attracted to this instead. It's called Water Wow from Melissa & Doug. It has a pen that you will just fill with water. Then the child can color the images in the book over and over again. No mess!

So, that's what his Tatay got for him. And Trev loves it!

Even when the workshop was finished and we were at his pedia's clinic already, he still wouldn't let go of it!

It was indeed a fun and educational day for all the kids. We definitely had a blast! And we learned so much about how to teach kids at home. Learning through play is one of the things that the workshop has taught us and I really believe in it.  We've been doing it at home all the time. It's a good thing that in the workshop, they gave us more ideas on how we could incorporate learning while playing. 

They also emphasized that a child's physical, intellectual, language and social/emotional development is very important so activities that would help kids improve these areas were incorporated during the workshop.

By the way, the speaker said that "Ogalala" is a foreign word (sorry, I forgot from where, huhu!) that means "Water". And since water is considered "Life", thus "Learning Through Play" means "Life for kids" as well. So, that's where the term Ogalala came from.

In the loot below, a "worksheet" is  also included wherein activities are listed to help parents teach their kids thru play.

Oh, and here's our loot. Free admission with free loots (with product samples from Pigeon), with tons of learning, who wouldn't want to attend an Ogalala workshop? So, attend one soon! It's going to be loaded with fun and educational activities!

Ogalala World is still holding workshops soon. According to their announcement in Facebook, June is already filled but the workshop is still ongoing until July, so register now!

We Had Fun At The Ogalala (System In Play) Workshop!
Grabbed from their Facebook Page.

I recommend this workshop for you and your kids. It's really worth your time. And did I mention it's free? Yes, it is! 

You may visit the Ogalala World Facebook page for more details about the workshop.

Note: I was not compensated nor requested by Ogalala World to share this event. It's my personal decision to share it with you because I believe that you could also learn a lot from the workshop. It's a fun learning experience indeed! :-)


  1. Enjoy na enjoy si Trev a. Ang layo naman kasi ng metro haha. Matraffic pa hehe... Anyways, sulit naman with that smile on Trev's face :)

    Mommy Maye

    1. Yep, sis. Sulit ang byahe from Bulacan to QC, promise! Buti madali lang ang byahe kahit commute lang kami. Ang saya ng workshop! Sayang, sana nakajoin din kayo ni cutie Matt! :-)

  2. Hi Mommy Van! This is Teacher Maia from the Ogalala workshop! It was a pleasure meeting you and your family! Have fun teaching Trev! He's such a curious and enthusiastic learner =)

    1. Thank you so much, Teacher Maia! We genuinely had a wonderful time! So glad to have found out about the workshop! Oh, thank you for the compliment about my son, hihi! Thank you so much for dropping by my humble online abode, too. I am really happy to see you here. :-)


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