Bento Snack Baon: Hearts & Circles, Etc.

Hello there! How are you all doing? I hope you're all safe after the storm Glenda. Trev's classes were suspended for two days last week but now, we're back on track although there are still occasional rains like today. 

Anyway, here's the bento snack baon I prepared for the little one three weeks ago! Huhu, yeah, that long ago. As in super back log na ito. 
Monday: Hearts and circles. Well, I just noticed that this baon is composed of both hearts and circles, so I named it that. Haha! Heart-shaped cheese sandwich, heart-shaped tamagoyaki, circle oatmeal cookies, and mango balls. Even his yogurt drink is strawberry flavored, which happened to have a shape like a heart, too. And oh, I used heart-shaped food picks pala! Haha!

Tuesday: Gingerbread-shaped cheese sandwich, oatmeal cookies, pineapple tidbits and marsh mallows. 

Wednesday: Cheese sandwich with "Delicious" stamp, milk flavored Hello Panda, mallows and mango balls. 

Thursday: Bunny rabbit-shaped cheese sandwich with raisin details (on top of a bed of raisins, too), dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, strawberry flavored Kokola, and mango balls. 

Friday: Cheese loaded veggie pasta in different colors, star-shaped nuggets and peaches. 

Noticed all the cheese sandwiches? Haha! My son super loves cheese!

Just love making bento snack baon for him and he enjoys eating it, too. So, I am happy about that! :-) 

Stay safe everyone! 

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