Last Week's Bento Snack Baon

It's been almost three weeks and Trev's enjoying school a lot. Everyday, he always gets excited. He'd exclaim, "Go to school, number 1 school!" almost all the time. Haha! How adorable! I don't even know where he got those words. Kaaliw! :-)

Anyway, here were the bento snacks that I prepared for him last week. 

Monday:  My son likes hopia so I included one here. Also cooked home-made pancakes for him then cut it into bite-size pieces. I always make sure to include at least one type of fruit, hence the grapes. Then hubby bought coconut cookies so I added one, too. :-)

Tuesday: Chicken nuggets, one I turned into a pig! I used cheddar cheese for the details. Wish I could make it look better next time. Haha! Also included here are cheese cubes because my son just loves cheese so much! Grapes and pinwheels with peanut butter as filling.

Wednesday: Heart-shaped tamagoyaki because aside from cheese, egg is one of Trev's faves, too. Coconut biscuits, pinwheels with cheese filling and papaya balls.

Thursday:  Honestly, not the healthiest, but this is the first time I packed a sweet snack for the little guy and I don't intend to do it naman all the time, so I guess, it's okay. This snack includes marsh mallows, Koala's March with strawberry filling, soft chocolate cookie brownie, and mango balls.

Friday: If Thursday's snack wasn't the healthiest, I made sure to make up with it for his Friday's snack. I made him home-made oatmeal-banana cookies in bunny rabbit shapes (which he calls Mickey Mouse, by the way, haha!), mango balls, and a few pieces of Koala's March in strawberry filling (well, uhm, just because he likes it.)

Well, that's it for last week's bento baon. This week's bento will be featured on my next post. Bento-making is truly so much fun especially when you see the delight on your child's face. 

I really hope I could do better next time. For now, I can only make him bento snacks since they have limited time and he tends to get clumsy when eating rice. I am afraid he'd just spill his rice all over his table, haha! In time, when he has better control with his spoon, I would absolutely prepare meals for him.

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