Packaging and Practicality

One of the things that get consumers attracted to a product is its packaging. Usually, when a product, say a dishwashing liquid or a shampoo perhaps, is contained in a bottle that’s convenient to use, consumers tend to consider buying it. It’s also a practical way to save because mostly, these containers could be reused for other purposes like pouring your liquid detergent from a pouch to your empty pumped bottle. 

There are actually online market places that make creative containers and packaging, like Allinpackaging. So, if you’re planning to sell your own merchandise, say a Do-It-Yourself or home-made perfume or soap, you could choose the best containers for your product, so as in a way, could also attract customers.
There are a lot of varied containers to choose from, from tubes to pumps to jars to canisters, name it. And usually these companies offer labelling as well, so it sure is a great deal!
For those practical people like I am, let’s try to see what containers or packaging are best to use and reuse as well:


Definitely, canisters are great packaging especially when you’re planning to sell in large quantities. Usually, these canisters come in wide neck sizes for easy pouring.


Oh, bottles, of course! Bottles are one of the most widely used containers and they definitely are one of the most convenient. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors. There are a wide variety of these products, depending on what you will put in it. Some come in transparent, while others come in darker colors. It’s really best to choose the correct bottle for your product in consideration to your customers’ needs.


These are also nice containers that you could reuse after consuming its content. If you’re producing all natural or organic creams or the like, jars are one of the best containers that you could use as they are very easy to fill with creams, usually because of their wide opening.


Although glass is breakable, it’s also considered as one of the widely used containers because as we all know, sometimes plastic could be harmful. Glass is best to use for products such as perfumes or oils. Like bottles, they also come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Aside from reusing these containers for another purpose, it is also a nice decorative display especially if the shape and color is unique.

So, there you go. These are just some of the packaging or containers that you could reuse after consuming its content. Thus, if you are a seller or planning to make home made products that need containers such as the ones mentioned above, it’s also best to consider if the container you’re going to put your products in could be reused for another purpose. Consumers usually do not only consider the product itself but sometimes, they get attracted to the containers too, so it’s really best to think about your packaging carefully.

Are you also a practical consumer? Have you considered reusing empty containers for your household? Share some ideas about how you recycled and reused these containers. I am sure they’re all awesome!

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