Potty Training Success!

Hello there! Been a while. Happy to update again. :-)

Since my son Trev started schooling, my days have always been full and I barely have time to blog these days. Huhu. But, nevertheless, I am enjoying every bit of it! Yesterday, one of his classmates celebrated her 2nd birthday at school and it's cute pala when kids celebrate inside the classroom. Kaaliw! The kids were all very happy! Trev went home with a very cute Olaf backpack full of goodies!

Anyway, I would just like to share with you my son's potty training journey. If you've stumbled, by any chance, upon my blog before, you might have read about one of our struggles in potty training Trev. I am so happy to tell you that he's finally getting the hang of it! Hurray!

Last month, we bought him a potty trainer. Confession, one of the things that I honestly forgot when we thought it was time for us to potty train Trev was to buy a potty trainer. Haha! Of all the things! I thought kasi it would come to him naturally to learn to use the rest room. I never realized that a potty trainer is of great importance din pala. Well, I guess, it's a case to case basis pa rin, it depends. I guess some kids were able to learn how to relieve themselves without the use of a potty trainer. 

In our case, it was very useful. Like I mentioned above, I told hubby that we should get Trev a potty trainer so when we were shopping for his school supplies last month at Trinoma, I took the chance to look for one, too, at The Landmark. Gladly, we found the perfect potty trainer for him! 

This was actually one of the most affordable potties on display at Ph319. I love its simplicity. No frills and very easy to clean, too. And oh, it's also convertible to a toddler chair when your child has finally learned how to use the real potty, err the toilet bowl! :-)

At home, we didn't immediately let Trev use it. We waited until around the third day. We placed it where he can always see it. We wanted him to get familiar with it. We just kept talking with him and we kept telling him that when he wants to pee or poop, he can just sit on it and do the deed. About three weeks ago, since we know his usual pooping time, when we noticed that he's about to do the deed, we asked him to sit on his trainer, yes, still with his diaper on. Whenever he does number 2 kasi, he always just squats on the floor, so we told him that instead of squatting on the floor, he could sit on his potty. He gladly obliged! And, it was succesful! Hurray! Well, his first time to use the potty might be with a diaper but the fact that he did it there was already a milestone for us! Hihi! 

The next day, he did it again. This time around, we asked him to do it without his diaper on. And you guessed it right! It was again a success! It was instant, as if it came to him naturally. Since then, he always does the deed there. Hubby and I were so happy that Trev has finally learned how to use his potty trainer for number 2. 

Number 1 was a bit of a challenge though. Since he had a tendency to hold his pee when wearing briefs, it was really kind of hard for us to make him use the potty for peeing. When at home, we always don him in briefs so he'd get the idea that he has to relieve himself using the potty especially when he accidentally pees with his briefs on. He doesn't like his briefs to get wet. Unlike in doing number 2 which only took him 2 days to learn, it took us I guess more than a week before he got the hang of using the potty trainer when peeing.

The little guy and his potty trainer (used here as a toddler chair).

Of course, there were still hits and misses during that period of training. I think he missed doing number 2 twice or thrice only. Training him for number 2 was generally a breeze actually. Training him for number 1 took longer. But as of this writing, he knows how already. Now, he's really doing a great job! And we're really happy for him! :-)

By the way, as of now, he is only day time potty trained. He still wears cloth diaper throughout the night. But, that's absolutely fine. I know, we'll get there one day. 

It might have taken longer for our son to be potty-trained compared to other kids his age but it really didn't bother or worry us a bit. We didn't force him to use the potty. We just waited for him, to choose his own time because we know he will learn it sooner or later. Every child is different and they develop their milestones at their own phase. We're just so happy that Trev has finally reached this milestone. Hurray! 

How about you? How did you potty train your child/ren? Share some ideas! :-)

Update: As of July 15, almost a month after Trev successfully used his potty trainer, he's now able to use the big potty, a.k.a. the toilet bowl! Yey! We're really so happy and proud of him. He's a big boy na talaga! :-)


  1. Yey! Another milestone for Trev. Children have different time for their milestone but it's for sure that they will go through each milestone at their own time. Potty training can be so stressful at first especially if you feel the pressure, I know you know what I mean. But once you hit the right time it will just be a bliss. Look at Trev parang instant na. Potty train at night will follow soon, cloth diaper muna ulit sis. Hehe

    1. Yehey talaga sis, we're so happy! Finally. Onga sis, almost instant, siguro kasi talagang time na for him na kaya parang alam na agad niya. Buti na lang before he went to school, natuto na siya magpotty. Sobrang tipid na rin sa CDs kasi briefs lang sya pag nasa bahay, then CD sa gabi. Sa school, dinadiaper ko pa rin pero pag uwi namin, tuyo pa rin, dito siya magwiwi sa bahay. Haha! Sayang lang tuloy. Pero okay lang, he's learning steadily, how amazing! Ang saya pala noh sis pag potty trained na, kahit day time pa lang. Thank you, sis! :-)

  2. I'm so happy for you and Trev! Mababawasan na talaga ang time spent on dirty cloth diapers hehehe. But, sis, sorry for the unsolicited advice, pero feeling ko medyo mataas ang height nung chair? Kasi kung ganon, mapwersa sa tummy ni baby eh. Ang natural position kasi ng pagpoop is naka-squat. Is it possible for you to have a potty chair na mas mababa? Super sorry talaga to intrude!

    1. Thank you, sis! We're so happy, too. Super laking bawas talaga sis on CDs, hihi! You think so, sis? Medyo mataas ba? Pag kasi nakalagay yung white, yung mismong lalagyan ng poop/pee, medyo lumulubog naman puwitan niya. Natuwa pa naman kami kasi sakto sa legs niya, hahaha! Pero, yeah, I thought about that, too, na nakasquat nga dapat ang natural position. You're right nga about that sis. Thank you for the concern, don't be sorry, honestly I genuinely appreciate it. Maybe nga we should look for something na medyo mababa pa nang konti. Must tell hubby. It's for our son's safety and his own good din. Salamat again sis ha. :-)


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