Trev's Home Reading Nook

One of Trev's activities in play school is called "Show And Tell". They do it every Friday. On their first week, his teacher asked the class to bring a picture of their home reading nook.

Trev loves books. Too sad that the only store here at Waltermart that sells preloved children's books has already closed. Huhu.

Anyway, when Trev started schooling, he became even more inlove with his books. As in he would ask me or his Tatay to read him books almost non-stop. We'd read several books in one sitting. Haha! And we're really happy about that. Now, he doesn't even remember he used to love watching cartoons (although they're educational cartoons naman like Word World). He prefers reading his books. If he's not reading, he's painting or tracing or playing with his building blocks. 

So, here's what we submitted to his teacher for his home reading nook project. This project made me wish na sana Trev has a book shelf of some sort at home. Sigh. Wala kasi eh. And I really want to buy more books for him pa. He just loves them talaga! Sana pala when his god parents were asking me what gifts I want for Trev, I should have said books na lang. Haha! :-P

The first two pictures were taken at our living room. That's the toddler chair and table we bought for him when he was more than a year old pa lang. We just changed the cover lang and put plastic cover na rin. :-)

These next two naman were taken inside the bedroom. Most often, we would read talaga inside the bedroom. He would always say "Read book! Yes?", then he would go to his books and choose and exclaim "This one!" after he chooses what he wants us to read. Haha!

I wish we could add more books for him to read pa. Actually, hubby has a big fairy tale book that he got from one of his subscriptions ata way before pa. But since we moved in here at our new home, ayun we're still looking up inside our storage room to find that book. Tsk tsk. We forgot kasi where we kept it since madalian ang lipatan. Haha! I am sure Trev would love to read that, too. We'll try to look for it this weekend again. :-)


  1. Nice space.. and yes book shelf is a great idea for the lil bookworm...

    1. Thank you, sis! Wish ko nga meron sana kami bookshelf eh, hihi! Thanks for dropping by! :-)


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