I'm Still Here! :-)

Since the start of the school year, I haven’t really been able to blog as often as I used to do. Not that I am complaining, don’t get me wrong. As a matter of fact, I am enjoying this moment because I get to bring and see my son in school daily. I get to see how he’s doing, I get to prepare his things and baon every single day. And I get to homeschool him, albeit informally, too. I wouldn’t exchange it for anything else. Being a stay at home wife and mom is both challenging and rewarding. But it definitely is priceless. And I am absolutely loving it! :-)

Here's my son. I really love spending time with this little guy. :-)

Anyway, this is just a quick post to let you know that I am still here, just under a bit of a blogging hiatus. I will be back with more stories soon. I have a lot to share with you already. I want to make some changes with my blog design, too. And if only I have my own blogger logo, I might as well try to print my logo on a tablecloth, too. Haha! Kidding. 

So, please stay tuned. Thank you and see you around! :-)


WESTERN UNION PROMO: Are you the next Face of MyWU?

Western Union celebrates the customer’s diversity with online contest to choose its newest stars

In celebration of its customer’s diversity around the world and to feature real people that move money for better every day, Western Union launches the Face of My WU contest – an engaging ‘social sharing’ Facebook competition where people have the chance to win ’15 minutes of fame’ by becoming the Face of My WU media campaign.


My Book Hunting Adventure At The Books For Less Warehouse Sale

When I learned about the ongoing sale at the Books For Less warehouse, I made a mental note to tell my hubby about it. It really got me so excited because books are on sale for only Ph10 each, all kinds! I imagined getting lots and lots of books for my little one, Trev. He just loves books so much!

My Book Hunting Adventure At The Books For Less Warehouse Sale


Trev Says Cute Things!

It's been weeks since I last updated my blog. I miss blogging but I don't know how to start after that long hiatus. I have a lot of things to share and make kuwento about but I just couldn't find the time. Hoping to squeeze in a few. 

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for as long as I can remember. Most of the entries here happened a few months back. Anyway, I still wanted to share this here because I really find it so amusing. Kids really say the cutest things! 

Anyway, here are some of Trev's. 

Hubby: Atreiu, count from one to twenty na, anak.
Trev: Onnnneeee..... Twwwooo.... Twenty!

Okay, Trev actually knows how to count already but he was just having a good time with his Tatay. Haha!


Angel Locsin on Mastering the Craft, Nurturing the Gift, and Loving the Job

Angel Locsin is one of country’s leading performers on the Philippine silver screen. She was named Best Actress in the 29th PMPC Awards for Movies in 2013, and has been considered as one of the most awarded dramatic actresses today. From a television and film actress, she has diversified into various media in the entertainment business: as a commercial model, film producer, fashion designer and product endorser. 

Angel was recently unveiled as one of the talented gurus who will be molding the next generation of child performers in this season’s Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp. She will be joining the star-studded panel of esteemed mentors backstage: choreographer and G-Force director, Georcelle Dapat-Sy and divine diva Zsa Zsa Padilla. As mentor, Angel will be steering i-Shine participants through the acting workshops.