My Book Hunting Adventure At The Books For Less Warehouse Sale

When I learned about the ongoing sale at the Books For Less warehouse, I made a mental note to tell my hubby about it. It really got me so excited because books are on sale for only Ph10 each, all kinds! I imagined getting lots and lots of books for my little one, Trev. He just loves books so much!

My Book Hunting Adventure At The Books For Less Warehouse Sale

So, last Saturday, I traveled all the way from Bulacan to Pasig just to get my hands on those books! I was super excited! Hubby and I decided that it's best if I just go there alone. So, he and Trev just waited for me at home. 

The area is just right in front of La Consolacion College. You will immediately see this gate with the Books For Less banner. 

My Book Hunting Adventure At The Books For Less Warehouse Sale
Banner, closer look. 

This will greet you upon entering the gate. 

I arrived around a few minutes before 1PM and finished almost 3PM. I did not let an area go unturned, hihi! There were really sooooo many books! Aside from children's books, fiction and non - fiction books are also on sale, including cookbooks and a whole lot more! Tables after tables, and shelves after shelves are all full of books! I spent all my time scouring all the children's books to find the best ones for Trev. And I am truly happy with all my finds! 

Books everywhere!
My Book Hunting Adventure At The Books For Less Warehouse Sale
Those mountains of books are all full of children's books!

When I arrived home around 5:30PM, hubby and Trev met me at the door and the first thing that our little one exclaimed upon seeing my bag was, "Wow, books!". Haha! He's really very much into it! :-) 

Trev chose a book to read agad! :-)

Okay, so here's my loot! I was able to take home a total of 33 books for only Ph330. Honestly, if I had more time, a bigger bag and if I had someone with me to help me carry my haul (especially that I commuted to and from the place), I would buy more than 33, haha! But, that's okay. I am very happy with my finds! 

Assorted children's books for the little guy!

My Book Hunting Adventure At The Books For Less Warehouse Sale
I was so happy to find these classics! Look, I got a Dr. Seuss book and Goodnight, Moon which is on the BFIAR list! Yey! 

These books focus on teaching little children good values. (Well, all the other books din naman teach good values. )

Activity books! 

And some random books, too! :-)

That's a whole lot of addition to my son's growing number of books! Thank God for all these! :-)
Based from my experience, here are a few tips I could give you if you plan to go to the Books For Less warehouse sale:

  • It's best to go there early especially if you plan to get a whole lot of books. You will need all the time you could get as it's kind of a challenge to dig deeper into the mountain of books, haha! You also need time to make sure that the books you will be getting are in good condition. Some of the books have tears, damages and some missing pages. So, better make sure first before putting it in your shopping bag. 
  • Speaking of shopping bag, bring your own eco-bag if you will be buying many books. It will serve as your shopping bag while you examine each corner of the warehouse. I brought 2 big eco-bags, and I must say I am glad I did, because the first one broke (the books I got are so heavy na, di kinaya!). So, I transferred my loot to my extra bag. 
  • Dig deeper. Don't let an area go unturned. You might find amazing books underneath. Yes, there are some books with damages but there are also books which are as good as new. So, go for it. Find books of your interest. Finders keepers as they say, hihi! 
  • Since it's a warehouse sale, expect the place to be in a, where else but a warehouse. Haha! Seriously, expect dusts and heat while you're there. If you're sensitive to dust, bring mask or a big hanky to cover your nose and mouth. Bring water as the effort in digging and finding great books plus the heat is really going to make you thirsty, too. Expect hands to get dirty, too. 
  • Wear comfy clothes and bring just a small bag for your valuables. 
  • Like what we did, it's better if you leave your little ones at home. I am sure you want to spare them from the dust and heat. I bet that even if they weren't there to choose the books that they want, they would still absolutely love what you will bring home for them. 

I commuted going there. Yes, from Bulacan to Pasig (travel time: almost 3 hours). That's how eager I was to get books for my boy. :-) 

Here's how I got there. 
  • From MRT Shaw Boulevard station, I rode a jeep bound Pasig Palengke.
  • I alighted at Jollibee Rotonda. 
  • I rode a tricycle (special trip) going to La Consolacion College (Ph40). 
  • Books for Less Warehouse is just in front of La Consolacion College. 
  • Going home from the warehouse, I took a tricycle again (special trip) going back to Jollibee Rotonda (Ph50). From there, I rode a jeep going to MRT. 

Here's a map from their website.

Thank you so much, Books For Less! I absolutely had a blast. I wish I could go back and look for more awesome books for my little guy!

So, dear friends, go ahead and visit the Books for Less Warehouse sale! The sale is ongoing until the end of August. 

Books for Less Warehouse Sale
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bflbookstore
643 Mercedes Ave., Barangay San Miguel, Pasig City
Tel. #s 633-8554 or 0917-6309999
Open from 8AM to 5PM

Closed on Sundays and Holidays

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  1. Good Night Moon! Gah, hinahanap ko yan for our library! Ayokong bumili ng full-priced haha. You're so lucky! Are you planning to homeschool as well, sis?


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