Trev Says Cute Things!

It's been weeks since I last updated my blog. I miss blogging but I don't know how to start after that long hiatus. I have a lot of things to share and make kuwento about but I just couldn't find the time. Hoping to squeeze in a few. 

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for as long as I can remember. Most of the entries here happened a few months back. Anyway, I still wanted to share this here because I really find it so amusing. Kids really say the cutest things! 

Anyway, here are some of Trev's. 

Hubby: Atreiu, count from one to twenty na, anak.
Trev: Onnnneeee..... Twwwooo.... Twenty!

Okay, Trev actually knows how to count already but he was just having a good time with his Tatay. Haha!


Me: Anak, dark na! What are we going to do?
Trev: Eat!

Haha! Eat talaga ang una mong naisip, 'nak?


I was typing while Trev was seated on my lap. He was banging the keyboard while I typed. I got hit and got hurt a bit. 

Me: Ouch!
Trev: Sorry, keyboard.

Anak, si Nanay ang nasaktan, hindi ang keyboard! :-P


I asked him to count my fingers.
Trev counted 1 to 10.
Me: Okay, how many?
Trev: Two hands!

Tama nga naman, two hands. Pilosopo rin ang anak ko minsan. Hihi! 


After eating.
Me: You have a big tummy. Are you full?
Trev: Yes. Nanay is full also. (Then pointing to my tummy, he said) "Big tummy, Nanay". 

Partida, di pa ako kumakain niyan. Ouch, anak. Does your comment mean I really have to diet na? Waaahhh! :-(


While washing my face (with suds and bubbles all over.)
Trev: Nanay's face is white.
Me: Why is Nanay's face white?
Trev: Because, iiittt'sss.... dirty! 
Me: Hahaha! Okay.
Trev: Trev's face is brown.
Me: Why is your face brown?
Trev: Because, ittt'sss... clean!

Okay, fine, anak. Ako na ang dirty ang face. Hihi! :-)


After I got angry (kunwari lang) because he was being malikot. 
Trev: No, I don't like Nanay's face sad. Happy face only! 

Awww, kakatouch naman, baby. 


These are just a few of the cute comments I heard from my son. There are actually a lot more! I really enjoy this stage in my son's life, ang cute cute lang. I can still remember the time when hubby and I were patiently waiting for Trev to start talking. You see, he was a delayed talker. I mentioned that already in this blog. But now, he converses really well. And we're really so happy. 

Toddlerhood is really so amusing. Kids learn so fast and they really make all the stress go away, me thinks. :-)

Note: The photos have nothing to do with the story. I just chose random photos of Trev. It's been a while kasi since I last posted, na-miss ko lang mag-blog, hihi! :-)

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