Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play

I have blogged several times here that we often visit play areas (ex. indoor play areas at the mall) given that, before, we used to have no place or space at home for Trev to play around and meet new playmates. Before Trev even started schooling, we have often brought him to one to somehow help him in his physical and social development. Thank God because we are now blessed with a humble place for him to run around and play, but we still sometimes treat him to an afternoon of fun time and he's always enjoyed his time whenever we do visit at one.

That's why when I received an invitation from Kid's Workshop for a one day unlimited play for Trev, I gladly accepted and reserved a date. So, the other weekend, we went all the way from Bulacan to Greenhills. And I must say that the travel was well worth it! We all had a blast! 


Let me share our story with the help of these photos. :-) 

Warning: Photo loaded. :-P
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Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play
Just arrived. We were greeted by their friendly staff. I like that they have security wrist bands with the kid's name on it. And they also have this Fetch Me card given to parents/guardians to show to the staff for when it's time to fetch their child.

Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play
When we arrived, I was amazed at how big the whole place is. Lots of things to do that I am sure every kid will enjoy!

Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play
This spiral slide is really awesome! Even I enjoyed sliding here. Yes, I did play, too. Hihi!

 Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play
Kid's Workshop also has a loft-type play area where some of their other offerings are located, like their computer area, some books and building blocks. 

Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play 
This is the computer area where big kids can enjoy playing computer games. 

Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play
And oh, beside the spiral slide you will see that hanging bridge right there (that amazingly can carry, not only kids, but adults like me, too, nice!), monkey bars, another slide, ropes, a ship's wheel and a rock climbing area. 



My son likes building blocks. He always plays with his blocks at home. So when he saw that they have lots and lots of it at Kid's Workshop, he got really excited and started building construction vehicles. :-)

My son, including me and hubby actually, definitely had a wonderful time. Look here, Trev surely enjoyed our stay. :-)

Aside from building blocks, my son absolutely loves books! And guess what, Kid's Workshop has a lot of them, too!

Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play
Books everywhere! :-)

There are also different kinds of wooden puzzles! Nice!

Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play
Different kinds of wooden toys and puzzles.



While we were there and the little one was having a fun time with his Tatay, I was able to talk with one of their staff, Teacher Gie (Oh, I hope I got her name correctly. If not, please correct me if I'm wrong if you know her, thanks!). And yes, you got it right. They have teachers there! Awesome, right? :-)

Trev and the other kids had fun with the activities hosted by the teachers and staff. They danced and played with sticks and ribbons, searched for treasure chest, ran inside a caterpillar tunnel, made arts and crafts and so much more!

She said that unlike other indoor play areas, they do it differently at Kid's Workshop. They usually have a theme, like for this month, Egyptian Theme. For their next theme, it will be all about bugs. She's the one in charged of thinking what theme they'll have next. She said they use the theme to decorate the entire place and incorporate it with their activities. Yes, it's not just like any other play areas where kids just play. At Kid's Workshop, they have activities for the kids. Imagine play school or day care. They gather the kids in the middle of the play area so they could participate in their circle time and other activities. They would dance, sing, play and a whole lot more!



Kids could also have fun making arts and crafts. My son, together with some of the kids, made a snake out of foam paper sheets in different shapes and I must say, they surely had fun! During the entire time that the kids were making the arts and crafts, the staff were there to attend to them.

Busy making their very own snake out of foam paper.

I think it's a nice idea that they also offer this to kids so they could develop their creativity, learn the value of sharing, working with other children and following instructions, too. 



Kids of all ages could definitely meet new friends here. When we arrived, it was only my son playing (because we arrived early) but after a while, when the kids started coming in, Trev found new play mates and they look so adorable. 

With two of his new found playmates. They all look so cute! :-)

What's also nice about Kid's Workshop is that they have their own Kid's Lounge where hungry kids can eat, drink and rest before going back inside the play area again.

 Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play
Lots of food and drinks that kids and adults can buy inside Kid's Workshop.

Aside from play and educational activities, Kid's Workshop also offers their place for parties. So, if you want to celebrate your child's birthday party there, you can do so! Just ask their friendly staff about their packages, reservation process and fees. 


We surely had so much fun we didn't even notice how long we've stayed. We arrived around 11:30am. When I checked what time it was, it was already past 3pm! It only shows how amazing it is to spend time at such a wonderful place. 

The staff and teachers are all very nice, friendly, approachable, attentive and cheery. They make sure that everyone is safe and having a good time. 

And oh, before we went home, Kid's Workshop treated my son with a surprise. Aside from the snake foam craft that he made, we were able to take home this.

 Kid's Workshop: It's More Than Just Play
Freebies and discount privileges of a Kid's Fun Club Member

Yes, they gave Trev a one year free membership of their Kid's Fun Club! Hurray! 

Again, thank you so much Kid's Workshop for inviting us. It was such an awesome day not just for my son, but for us parents as well. It was a beautiful family bonding treat! 

From the Kid's Workshop's website:

Shopping at Greenhills? 
Catching up with friends over coffee?
Or simply treating yourself to a manicure?

Drop off your children at Kid’s Workshop and let them have their own kind of fun.

Kid’s Workshop is a children’s activity center, built with kids in mind. Lots and lots to do. They can even make a friend or two. 

Kid's Workshop is a 100 square meter children's activity center at Greenhills Shopping Center.  Children have been playing and having fun with us for more than 10 years.  Aside from active play, kids can explore - discover new things; learn - find out new things; create - make new things; and interact - make new friends at Kid's Workshop. 

Visit Kid's Workshop and you & your child/ren will surely have loads of fun! 

Mon - Thu: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

2/F Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Telephone: (02) 723-09-32
Mobile : +63-917-599-5324
Email: kidsworkshopghills@gmail.com

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