Agemono International Buffet

We went to Robinson's Place Malolos the other weekend to buy some stuffs for Trev and of course for some fun family bonding. Just walking around the mall is already fun for us, hihi!

Trev enjoyed riding on the train that goes around the ground floor of the mall. He just loves train! He wanted to ride on the other cars available but we were not able to come back after some more strolling so, next time na lang.

Anyway, I just want to share with you our new found go-to-place if you want some affordable but yummy buffet or just simple but satisfying ala cartes. We've seen Agemono International Buffet the first time we visited Robinson's Place Malolos and it got us really curious because we saw that their buffet offering only costs Ph299! Very affordable! (Agemono International Buffet offers both Japanese and Filipino cuisine.)

The second time we visited the mall, we decided to have our lunch there. However, instead of the buffet, we first tried their ala carte and I must say that it did not disappoint. 

Agemono International Buffet At Robinson's Place Malolos
Enjoying our lunch! :-)

Here were our ala carte orders. 
Agemono International Buffet At Robinson's Place Malolos
L-R: Chicken Chopseuy Rice (Ph88), Tonkatsu Spaghetti (Ph88) and Beef Pares (Ph99). 

It was so sulit because aside from it being affordable, the serving is really big. In fact, we almost were not able to finish it all. Haha! 
 Look at how big the serving is! :-)

All our orders were really satisfying and yummy. 

Here's their ala carte menu.

Agemono International Buffet At Robinson's Place Malolos

By the way, another thing that we liked about Agemono International Buffet, aside from the food, was their staff. They were all approachable, cheery and friendly. They all look so happy and sincere.

Agemono International Buffet At Robinson's Place Malolos
One of their staff even had a short conversation with the little guy.

The staff were also proactive. Since it was our first time there, we obviously didn't know what to order yet. The girl on the picture above (sorry, forgot to ask her name, huhu!) helped us nicely and even suggested how to go about ordering and refilling our unlimited drinks. Hihi!

Sorry we didn't take pictures of their buffet table since we only had ala carte orders. Next time we visit, we might try their buffet na. On my birthday perhaps? Hmm, we'll see. :-)

Note: I found out that Agemono International Buffet's main branch is located pala in the Emirates (Dubai, if I'm not mistaken) and owned by a Filipino couple. Nice!

Agemono International Buffet
Ground Floor, Robinson's Place Malolos, Bulacan
Contact Number: 0932 718 1171

This is NOT a sponsored post. Just happy to share this new found place for your food adventures. :-)

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