Trev And His "Pets"

My son loves to pretend play. Often times, he would imagine holding a dog or a cat, or even a bunny. Other times, he would imagine driving a digger or a bus. There were even times when we're walking our way out of the village going to school, he would tell me that he’s holding his violet (yes, violet daw talaga, haha!) cat in his left hand and that he’d bring it in school also. Haha! Whenever we read books, he’d always extend his arm and “grab” something from the pages, turns out he’s pretending that he’s holding whatever the character in the book is, say a pony or a pig. I guess, he loves pets as much as he loves different kinds of vehicles. 

Well, hubby and I are thinking of getting a real pet for him but as of the moment, we just couldn’t, yet, for several reasons. Of course, we have to consider a lot of things before we finally get one. Like where his pet will stay, food it will eat, vitamins or even medicines for when the pet gets sick, like vetprofen perhaps.

For now, while we haven’t finally decided yet, I guess he’s very much content with his imaginary pets. And oh, he’s happy with his fluffy friends here, too.

Meet his friends, Fulgoso and Sab. Those were actually his Tatay's birthday gifts to me when Trev was still a small baby. Obviously, my son is now the happy owner of those stuffed animals. Cute! :-)

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