Trev Had A Hair Cut

Uhmm, let me rephrase that. I mean, I cut Trev’s hair! Hihi! Actually, we were supposed to go to our friendly neighbourhood barber shop two weekends ago for Trev’s 4th haircut. Well, the my original plan was for Trev to have his hair cut after his 3rd birthday, but since it’s kind of growing long again, we decided to bring him to the barber shop na.  The decision was made final already before that day and I was already convinced and decided to cut my son’s long hair (again), so the morning before we were supposed to go to the barber shop, I told hubby that I would just cut the long part of Trev’s hair so I could keep it before we head on to the barber shop. So, I did. 

But what do you know, after I cut it, we decided otherwise. Yes, we decided to just keep his hair as is na lang and postpone his “real” hair cut next time. Haha! 

I kind of miss his long hair already. Sort of nanghihinayang din because we've never cut that part of his hair since he was born. Yan talaga yung part ng baby hair niya. So, the sentimental me kept that lock of his hair as remembrance. Hihi!

No pictures but I actually trimmed his bangs also, just like what I used to do before. 

So, there. He’d still have a sort of semi-long hair on his birthday and for a few more months until we, again, decide to have it cut. Hihi! 

Right now, we’re planning how we’d celebrate his 3rd birthday. Last year, I was “dreaming” of celebrating it here at home, with me making all the DIY decors and stuff. But that was before we decided to enrol him in school. Since there are sudden turns of events; we will have to celebrate it in school instead. The celebration will just be simple as we honestly don’t have funds to hold a big party. What’s important is we’re blessed with another joyful year with him. More and more years to come. Never mind that we won’t be able to hold a party at home. We have more years for that in the future. At least for now, I won’t have to worry about sound systems like if there’s a Limited availability of speakers or stuff like that, haha! I’m just kidding! 

Anyway, that’s it for now. See you around soon! Next week is Trev’s midterm break already. Wish I could use some time of that to update my blog. :-)

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