Trev The "Spidey"

It’s been a while since I last posted here, I mean really posted something about us. I know I’ve been saying this time and again, but really, I’ve just been very busy with a lot of stuff. Mostly mommy duties of course. No complaints though, loving every moment of it. :-)

Anyway, I just want to show you who visited our home the other day, haha! 

Trev super likes his costume. Actually, that was the costume that we bought for him over a year ago and believe it or not, he hasn’t really gotten the chance to wear it. Well not until this coming Friday, for their school activity. I tried it on him if kasya pa, and to my surprise, he almost outgrew it already. Buti, it still fits him, well, except the neckline which I think I have to adjust na. 

They’ll be having a Dress Up Day at school and there will be a simple party. There may not be bands playing silvertone guitars but I am sure all the kids will have loads of fun. After all, they’re just kids and don’t really need those this early in their lifetime. Haha!

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