Trev's Monsterrific 3rd Birthday

I have always wanted a monster-themed birthday for my little boy, Trev. Last year, we were supposed to do it but things turned out differently because we were on the process of acquiring our very own home sweet home. Which is, of course, for him and his future also. So, we decided to not have a party for him then. Instead, we celebrated his 2nd birthday with our yearly photoshoot at Pic-A-Boo and had a simple lunch after.

This year, I thought of holding his 3rd birthday party here at home, but again, it didn't happen as we still have a lot of works to do here (yes, after almost one year of moving in, hihi!). But since we already enrolled Trev in a playschool this year, we just decided to have a simple celebration at his school with his classmates and teachers. And Trev was so happy. His Tatay and I, too. :-)

Of course, his simple party was monster-themed. Hihi! If it was held here at our home, I would have DIYed a lot more decors and stuff because making those cute looking monsters are sooo much fun! Anyway, it's okay. I'm still very happy with what I ended up doing. My son loves (me thinks, hihi!) all the cute little monsters I made for him. By the way, I simply DIYed his giveaway loots and designed the juices' cups with monster faces. We also ordered a fondant monster-cake, which if I may say, was super cute, too!

Here are some pics from his birthday celebration.

Striking a pose with my DIY monster juice and loot bags. He just loves every one of these. So worth the effort.  :-)


Home-made Ice Cream with Oreo Cookies

Here's another home-made recipe I found from the FB group that I am a member of. Credit to all those who keep on sharing their recipes. It really gives moms like me new adventures in the kitchen which makes the whole family happy! Thank you for this recipe. :-)

Home-made ice cream! Here's what I used to make this yummy treat.

Home-made Ice Cream with Oreo Cookies
All Purpose Cream, Condensed Milk and Oreo Cookies (vanilla flavor). 

School Update: Trev's First Trimestral Results

This post is actually way too late already as they've taken their exams last August pa. But then, I still wanted to document this milestone as it's really a one proud Nanay moment for me (and proud Tatay moment for hubby, too!).

Trev and his classmates took their first ever trimestral exam last August and I was one nervous mom because I don't know how my son will perform. But, at the same time, I always have this trust in him because he really loves school, he loves doing his assignments and he loves reading. We always study at home and he always enjoyed those moments.

Their teacher said that toddlers will take their exam within 4 days, meaning, no pressure, whenever the child's ready. They could do it on the first, second or third day. They will do it on a one on one basis so they could focus on each child. On the second day of their exam week, I thought of looking through the classroom's window to know what the kids were doing. I saw some kids were in one table with their teachers, while my child was on another table, lacing a string through an envelop. I thought, why was my son not taking his exams. Then, later, when the teacher aide came out, she said that Trev was the first one to finish his exams. He did it on the first day. I was surprised and relieved at the same time, hihi!

Anyway, when the exam results were released, my hubby and I were so happy and proud of our little boy because he did a great job!

Perfect score! Thank God!