School Update: Trev's First Trimestral Results

This post is actually way too late already as they've taken their exams last August pa. But then, I still wanted to document this milestone as it's really a one proud Nanay moment for me (and proud Tatay moment for hubby, too!).

Trev and his classmates took their first ever trimestral exam last August and I was one nervous mom because I don't know how my son will perform. But, at the same time, I always have this trust in him because he really loves school, he loves doing his assignments and he loves reading. We always study at home and he always enjoyed those moments.

Their teacher said that toddlers will take their exam within 4 days, meaning, no pressure, whenever the child's ready. They could do it on the first, second or third day. They will do it on a one on one basis so they could focus on each child. On the second day of their exam week, I thought of looking through the classroom's window to know what the kids were doing. I saw some kids were in one table with their teachers, while my child was on another table, lacing a string through an envelop. I thought, why was my son not taking his exams. Then, later, when the teacher aide came out, she said that Trev was the first one to finish his exams. He did it on the first day. I was surprised and relieved at the same time, hihi!

Anyway, when the exam results were released, my hubby and I were so happy and proud of our little boy because he did a great job!

Perfect score! Thank God!

A few weeks after, Feedbacking Day came. It was a one on one session for each parent and teacher, to know how our child is performing and what we need to work on to.

Their progress report card was also given to us that day.

What's written on the Observations' table.
Vincent is a very enthusiastic learner who actively participates in the class activities. He always volunteers and is never a cause of concern of teacher. He easily learns the concepts taught and he greatly enjoys the learning process. 
Aww! So touched naman and so proud kami of our little boy. When I talked with his teacher during their Feedbacking day, she said that they really have no problems so far with Trev. In fact, she even suggested that they give him advance lessons already. We're also thankful that he and his classmates have very supportive and caring teachers.

As of this writing, we constantly receive enhancement worksheets from school. These are lessons being taught to their Junior Nursery class. Trev's in the Active Toddlers class. So far, Trev's been enjoying it, too, and he's really learning a lot.Thank God! We're really grateful and we feel really blessed. Hope he continues to do what he's doing and hope he would always love school/learning just like now. 

Thank you, anak, for everything. May God bless you and guide you all the time. Your Tatay and I are always here to take care of you and to support you all the way. We love you to the moon and back!

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