Trev's Monsterrific 3rd Birthday

I have always wanted a monster-themed birthday for my little boy, Trev. Last year, we were supposed to do it but things turned out differently because we were on the process of acquiring our very own home sweet home. Which is, of course, for him and his future also. So, we decided to not have a party for him then. Instead, we celebrated his 2nd birthday with our yearly photoshoot at Pic-A-Boo and had a simple lunch after.

This year, I thought of holding his 3rd birthday party here at home, but again, it didn't happen as we still have a lot of works to do here (yes, after almost one year of moving in, hihi!). But since we already enrolled Trev in a playschool this year, we just decided to have a simple celebration at his school with his classmates and teachers. And Trev was so happy. His Tatay and I, too. :-)

Of course, his simple party was monster-themed. Hihi! If it was held here at our home, I would have DIYed a lot more decors and stuff because making those cute looking monsters are sooo much fun! Anyway, it's okay. I'm still very happy with what I ended up doing. My son loves (me thinks, hihi!) all the cute little monsters I made for him. By the way, I simply DIYed his giveaway loots and designed the juices' cups with monster faces. We also ordered a fondant monster-cake, which if I may say, was super cute, too!

Here are some pics from his birthday celebration.

Striking a pose with my DIY monster juice and loot bags. He just loves every one of these. So worth the effort.  :-)

At school. Trev and his classmates had fun celebrating his birthday.

At home. We continued his simple celebration at home. :-) 
Oh, how I love his birthday cake! Trev loves it a lot, too!

 Happy birthday, Trev anak. Always be a good boy, okay. Your Tatay and I love you sooo much! :-)

But you know what, for me, one of the highlights of that day was the time when his classmates and teachers sang the Happy Birthday song for him. It was actually my simple wish that day. I really wanted him to experience that. You see, hubby and I never experienced this kind of celebration when we were kids. Life was hard back then. Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely fine with us because we understand that our family could not afford such. So, we wanted our son to experience what we were not able to experience as a child. Life is still hard right now especially for a single income family like us but we really tried our best to give him this celebration. It's simple but definitely memorable. And I am very happy that hubby was able to record it on video. I have watched this vid countless times and I still get teary-eyed whenever. When Trev grows up, we will surely show this vid to him! :-)


Again, happy happy birthday Trev. Always remember that we love you and no matter what happens, your Tatay and I will always be here for you.

P. S. I will try my very best to post about how I DIYed my simple projects for Trev's birthday. :-)
We also had our yearly photoshoot at Pic-A-Boo and actually had a simple birthday celebration on the day of his actual birthday. (His school celebration was weeks after his birthday). I made him an Oreo Cheesecake with a monster face, too. Hihi! Will try to blog about these, too.

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