Our First Christmas Tree

Finally, last December 1, we were able to put up our very own Christmas tree. Yes, this time, a real one. Not real real, but, yeah, you know what I mean. Remember our tree last year? :-) 

We moved in here at our home sweet home December of last year and moving in was a lot of work (and required a lot of expenses, too! hihi!) so we were not able to buy and put up our Christmas tree then. Now, we're still in that state here at our home where we still need a lot of work to be done but we decided that it's time for us to put up our tree. So, off we went to the mall and bought an affordable but pleasant looking tree. 

And guess who's the most excited? Yes, the little guy's all giddy and happy when he saw us putting up and decorating the tree. He even helped in putting some of the poinsettias, too. Haha! 

And well, uhmm, yeah, I was excited, too. :-P

Anyway, we still haven't bought Christmas balls and other decors for our 5 feet pine needle tree, except for poinsettias, lights and ribbons, and oh a few butterflies, too! But it sure has set the mood and gave that Christmas ambiance inside our happy home.

So, that's it for now. Gotta prepare and start wrapping gifts. I bet the little guy would be happy to see lots of gifts under our simple tree. Hope we could score big savings when we shop for musical instruments as it is one of the gifts we're planning to give to someone. :-)

Merry Christmas everyone! Have you put up your Chrismas tree, too? 

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