Lego - Themed Bento

Making a lego - themed bento has always been one on my list but since I don't have any lego molder, I never attempted to make one. Until one day, I was able to watch a video tutorial in youtube (there are lots of tutorials there! thanks to those who shared!) on how to make lego blocks using a clean drinking straw. I was like "Ahh, so that's how they do it all along!" Hihi! So, one day, I tried creating my own version.

Tadah! Here's my first ever lego - themed bento.

Lego - Themed Bento


The Bento CaraVan Shop Opening GiveAway

The Bento Caravan Opening Giveaway has officially ended. Thank you all from the bottom of our bento - loving hearts for joining and supporting our simple giveaway! ♥ 

Congratulations to Ms. Jill Rodriguez for winning the Hello Kitty Bento Starter Set and to Ms. Jen Gonzales for winning the Working Cars Bento Starter Set

Til our next giveaway everyone! 

For affordable and kawaii bento tools, please visit our bento online shop on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BentoCaravan

To see more of my bento creations, please visit our Instagram account at @BentoCaravan

Thank you once again! :-) 


The Bento CaraVan

Hello there, friends! It's been a while. Yeah, I know, I am really sorry for the lack of posts nowadays. Such a busy bee. 

Anyway, I would just like to share with you all how happy I am with how my bento making interest is turning out. You see, my husband and I have finally decided to take this interest of mine up a notch. Yes, after much thought and lots and lots of prayers, we have finally decided to open our very own bento shop! I have already created a Facebook page and an Instagram account. I named it Bento CaraVan. Caravan means travelling merchants, right? Well, I may not be with a group but then I love where my bento journey is travelling nowadays. I feel really blessed that I am able to inspire other people into making not only cute food for their kids but nutritious and healthy food as well. Another reason why I chose CaraVan is simply because it has the Van at the end, haha! Pretty obvious, eh? Since my name is Van, so I guess it fits just right. :-) 

The Bento CaraVan


Father's Day 2015 (And A Bento!)

We are a very simple family and we always prefer to have just a tiny celebration at home whenever there's an occasion.  Our Father's Day celebration might not have been grand but the important thing is we are together as a family happily.

I cooked spaghetti with Clara Ole Three Cheese sauce, added in some shiitake mushroom, peas, ham and some all purpose cream. It was a very easy recipe really. And oh, may I just say that the Clara Ole Three Cheese sauce was sooo good! I'm not paid or sponsored for saying this, it's really how I think it is. Even hubby said it was really yummy. I think it's probably now our favorite spaghetti sauce! 

I also cooked Maja Mais with cheese overload, hihi! Cheese is my hubby and our son's favorite thing in this world! We didn't have a grater though so I had no choice but to cut the cheese in cubes. :-P

Also made a simple and rush dedication because hubby was coming back inside the house already when I did it and I didn't want him to see what I was doing, haha! 

Spaghetti with Clara Ole Three Cheese


Olaf Bento

I shared with you in the previous post about my recent bento tools haul. I happened to chance upon a snowflakes plunger at The Landmark in Trinoma so I got that one, too. And I can't wait til Christmas before I start using it, hahaha! So, I thought, maybe I could try my luck and make a Frozen-themed bento. Since my kid is a boy, obviously I couldn't make Elsa or Ana, hahaha! So, the best option is the super adorable Olaf! 

And so, tadah, here's what I made for Trev's bento. 

Olaf Bento

Angry Birds Bento

Trev and I were at the grocery the other week when I spotted this green-colored fish balls. My mind almost instantly thought of transforming them into piggies since I still have some angry birds fish cakes at home. So, I got a pack and made my thought into reality. Hihi!

This was the result. 

Angry Bird Bento


Butterfly Bento

Oh, this was one of his requests. He specifically wanted me to prepare a butterfly bento because the other day, he witnessed a butterfly emerged from its chrysalis here at our frontyard. It was so amazing! Now, he knows the life cycle of a butterfly already. Hihi! He always looks at our calamansi plant because there's quite a lot of caterpillars in there right now and some have transformed into a chrysalis already. 

Anyway, he remembered about it the night before and so the next day he asked for a butterfly baon.

Thus, here's what I was able to come up with. 

Butterfly Bento

Owl Bento

Okay, this is really an owl bento, because that's what I planned to do. However, when the little one saw it, he said that it's the bird daw from the movie "Yellowbird". Okay, I just conceded and agreed! Hahaha! 

I will just make another owl bento in the future. I hope he sees it as an owl next time! :-P

Owl Bento


My Bento Tools Loot

Two weeks ago, we went to SM North and Trinoma to look for a school bag for the little one. You see, we didn't buy a school bag for him before the school year started simply because we weren't sure yet as to how big a bag he needs.

Anyway, we were able to buy one at Trinoma. Before we went home, I asked dear hubby if I could go and check out Saizen. You know, I wanted to see if they have cute bento tools available. 

And guess what, there were a lot! I was like in bento heaven, hahaha! Thank you, dear husband for allowing me to buy some tools. I was really so genuinely happy!

Here's my loot!

Saizen Bento Tools Loot


Lightning McQueen Bento

My son was really happy when I made him this bento. Actually, I, too, was so happy! I must say that it was really a lot of fun doing it. Honestly, I googled so many bento designs of Lightning McQueen where I could get inspiration from but considering my limited tools, I couldn't find the right one that I could try to do easily. In the end, I decided to just draw inspiration from my son's Lightning McQueen toy. 

You see, he has this small Lightning McQueen toy (pictured below) that he loves to play with. So, what I did was draw the car while it's fronting me. I thought it was easier to do it with the egg sheets using the frontview of the car. Hihi! 

Here's the end result of my imBento. :-)

Lightning McQueen Bento
White bread with cheese inside, apple and grapes under it, and fish nuggets

Piano Bento

I made another auditory discrimination - inspired bento for Trev's baon on his fourth day in class. This time around, their lesson was about musical instruments so I decided to make this simple piano bento for him. 

Piano Bento

A Simple Animal Bento

I decided to make a bento inspired by their lesson in school. Since they had a lesson about auditory discrimination on their second day in class, I prepared a simple animal bento for him. You see, their first auditory discrimination lesson was all about animal sounds. 

When I showed him his baon, I asked him the sounds of the animals in it. Hitting two birds with one stone, ey? Hihi! Reviewing while eating healthy food. 

Day 3: A Simple Animal Bento


Rocketship Bento

Short kuwento muna why I came up with this bento. It's kind of funny for me actually. You see, everytime I make a baon for my son, I always show him what the contents are. Yesterday, our convo went something like this while I was showing him his first day of school bento.
Me: Trev, anak, here's your baon. What do you think it is?
Trev: Wow, Nanay, it's a rocketship!
Me: No, anak, it's not a rocketship. It's a pencil, look!
Trev: No, Nanay, it looks like a rocketship. 
Me: Anak, it's a pencil. 
Trev: But I want it to be a rocketship, Nanay. 
Me: Okay, anak, I'll try to come up with something tomorrow. 
Trev: Okay, Nanay. I want a green rocketship please. 

Haha! Wala na akong nagawa. I really need to work on my bento skills. Sorry, not an expert yet although I've been doing bento for like 2 years now, I've not done a lot of kyarabens yet. I'm still learning and I need lots and lots of practice. :-)

Long story short, here's his green rocketship for his second day in school. 

Day 2: Rocketship Bento

First Day Of School 2015 Bento

It's back to school time for my little one. They started their school year two weeks ago. My three year old boy is now in kinder 1. I am really excited about what's in store in his new school. I am sure he will learn so many wonderful things and will meet new friends. 

He's really, really excited to go back to school and he's been asking me everyday if it's school time once again. Haha!

Anyway, here's a simple bento that I made for him on his first day in his new school. 

First Day Of School Bento


Back To Bento-ing

I am so back! Well, I never actually stopped because everyday, I still prepare bento baon for my hubby and son but they're just simple bento baon or snacks. 

Now that the new school year has started, I have been inspired to really get into this interest of mine. So, I decided to go to the next level. Naks! Hihi! Yeah, I am into making kyarabens / charabens lately. I thought I couldn't make it since I don't have all the tools needed, but I just improvised with what's available in our kitchen. Good thing it works so far. 

Before the school year started, I have been practicing making bento breakfast or lunch for my little one. Here were some of the ones I prepared for him last month. 

Chick Bento
 This I made for him and for hubby. Hubby's baon is tamagoyaki, ham and my home-made atchara. For Trev, I made a chick from a boiled egg, a banana with a note that says "I Love You, Trev!" and two onigiri using the molds I bought from Japan Homes. :-) 

The Military Diet And How I Lost 14lbs. in 2 months

And counting! Yes, because I haven't achieved my target weight yet.
Please don't get me wrong, I am happy with my weight now. But if I could just, you know, make it go down just a tiny bit more... :-P

When I was still single, I have always been skinny. I can't even remember if I ever reached 100 lbs back then. I was almost always at 90-95 lbs. There was even a time I weighed only 88 lbs. Despite that, I have always been healthy and very, very rarely gets sick. I was honestly comfortable with my weight then. I can easily fit into extra small to small-sized clothes. I was even an active mountain climber back when I was around 90 lbs. By the way, I am only 5 feet flat. :-)

Fast forward to present time. Okay, now that I have given birth (well, 3 years ago actually!), and I am in my mid 30s already, my metabolism has slowed down. I was really alarmed when I saw (last year) that my weight was increasing! Waah! I couldn't wear most of my clothes anymore. I resorted to loose shirts so I won't feel uncomfy with my weight gain. I peaked at around 114 lbs. That's when I realized that I needed to do something quick else I would balloon even more. I was already feeling the added weight on my body. My injured knee (injury I had for more than 5 years now) hurt badly, too. I was feeling conscious and depressed. It was really frustrating. 

I tried to look for a fast, safe, healthy and easy way to lose weight but nothing worked. Until I learned about The Military Diet / 3-day diet from DavaoMommy Maan's blog (thank you, sis, for sharing!). I googled about it and read other people's feedback and experiences when they tried it. First thing I noticed is that the food listed was almost always in our kitchen, meaning they're basically very easy to find, so I thought, maybe I could give it a try. If I lose weight on my first 3 days of doing it, then that would jumpstart my weight loss journey, I thought then. So, I tried. And guess what, I lost 4 lbs. on my first round! Yes, that's 3 days after doing the diet. 

Image Source: http://girlsaredolls.blogspot.com


Trev's Summer Classes 2015

Trev had attended two summer classes this vacation. The first one lasted for a month and the second one lasted for a week. Thank God we were able to juggle the two during the time that the classes were almost in conflicting schedules. 

The thing was, we didn't expect the second one to come. We've actually been looking for a school (preferably a Montessori school) to enroll Trev this coming school year when we found this school. I have heard good feedbacks about that school so I asked hubby that we go and check it out. Luckily, they were offering one week free Montessori class in preparation for the coming school year. The problem was, Trev was at that time still attending his current summer class. There was only an hour between the two classes but the distance between the two schools were kind of far. Plus the heat during noon time (his summer classes were from 11am to 12nn and 1pm to 3pm, respectively) was almost unbearable. Not to mention that we're commuting via jeepney from the two schools. Thank God we made it through that one week. 

Anyway, they had a mini commencement exercise after the one week Montessori summer class. They even performed a dance number during the program. So cute! It was only a week's worth of classes but they were able to squeeze in their practice, nice!

With his Montessori teachers.


ShopBack: Shop Online, Earn CashBack

Eversince I became I stay at home mom, I never really got the chance to go out alone and shop without thinking about my little tot at home. If I get the chance to go out, I would always hurry so I could go home and see my baby boy again.

So, online shopping is such a relief for me because I could shop without leaving the house. I would still be with my little one while shopping. Isn't that awesome?

What's more awesome nowadays is that there are sites that actually pay consumers to shop online! Amazing, huh? 

ShopBack: Shop Online, Earn CashBack
Very easy way on how to use ShopBack

ShopBack is a cashback site that does just that. I love that you can actually save while you online shop because ShopBack will give you a portion of your purchase back as cash when you shop online through their site. 


Do You Want To Be A Hands-On Parent while Earning?

Before I became a SAHM (stay at home mom), for 8 years I was working as a Specialist in one of the country's largest telecommunications company. After much consideration, my husband and I decided that it's about time for me to stay home and take care of our family six months after I gave birth to our son. It's now been 3 years since I resigned and although it's a lot of hard work, I am cherishing every second of it. The time I spend with our son, the things I do at home taking care of my husband and baby is really something that I could not compare with anything right now. I have seen all of my son's milestones and took lots of pictures and videos of it, too. I have prepared home-cooked meals when he started eating solid food. I am still breastfeeding him until now (he's three years and seven months), I have brought him to his very first school, I taught him how to read, count and write, I have always been there in all of his activities. Everything. It's such a wonderful feeling. 


How's Your Summer?

Hey there, everyone! How's life going on? It's been a while since I last posted. Summer has been hectic for me. For me and my little prince, actually. 

We've been school hunting since before the summer started and we've enrolled our son in a preschool summer class last April. It lasted for a month. They just celebrated their Commencement Exercise yesterday and it was so much fun! Trev and his classmates were so cute in their dance number. 

I really like the school where we enrolled him for his summer class. Aside from academics, they also focus on the kids' talents so the school also offers music, sports, and the like. It's actually a multiple - intelligence school. If we have enough budget, we might have probably enrolled him in a music class, too. Guitar lessons perhaps. I am not sure but we might need to buy him a guitar like the sg guitars for that. And since we have limited budget because it's enrollment time once again, we would have to forego that plan for the time being. Anyway, there's always a next time. :-)

Oh, did I mention that while Trev was enrolled there, he was also attending a montessori summer class? Right, we were really busy the other week. Good thing that his montessori summer class was only for a week so it wasn't much of a conflict. Besides, my son loved the activities and he had lots of fun. The montessori summer class is in preparation for the coming school year. Yes, we're strongly considering that school, too.

I will be sharing with you about what happened during his summer class in the coming posts. I am really sorry for the lack of regular posts lately. I hope makabawi next time. 


MILO: Sweat Together, Stay Together

Coaches Jim and Toni Saret share importance of togetherness in achieving fitness goals

More and more Filipinos are becoming conscious of their health and are working harder to get fit. Healthy living is gaining importance today, and individuals are greatly motivated to achieve the health and fitness goals they set for themselves. The road to fitness may be tough and rough, but Coach Jim Saret, renowned founder and training director of MILO R2-APEX (Athletic Performance Enhancement Cross Training) Running School and his nutritionist wife Toni, share that one should not have to be alone in his journey.


Duet With My Little Boy :-)

Hey there, everyone! 

I would like to share another video of my 3 year old boy. :-) 

But first, please forgive my voice. Haha! I am not a good singer. Also, if my lyrics are incorrect, my apologies, too. Just focus na lang po on my son's "performance". Hihi! 

You see, that's one of my son's favorite songs so far. And everytime he feels like singing that song, it must be with me and we must be holding each other's hand. Yes, MUST talaga. That's how he likes to sing that song, dapat holding hands. My sweet little darling baby. ♥

He'd always say, "Nanay, let's sing Take My Hand" sabay grab hold of my hand. And yeah, he calls the song "Take My Hand" instead of the real title (More Than You'll Ever Know). Haha! I find it cute and amusing though. :-)

I actually like that song, too. And I honestly feel emotional whenever we sing that song together. I guess it's not just a love song about a guy and a girl. It says it all, I love my son more than he will ever know. I love him to the moon and back. I love him so much that I guess no words could ever explain how much. So, I guess you could say na malamang eh yan na ang theme song namin. Haha!

Does your child have a favorite song, too? 


My Baby Can Read! :-)

I am so mighty proud of my little one. He can already read. Yey! :-) 

I actually noticed that he's ready to learn how to read a few months before the school year ended. I noticed kasi na he could blend letter sounds already. So, I thought, maybe it's time. 

I wrote random three letter words and asked my son to try and read it. Since he already knows his phonics, I guess it was sort of easy for him to blend the sounds together. So, I tried to teach him how to read. And viola, he did it! 

My three years and five month old Trev. :-)


Loving These Prints

Eversince we moved in here at our humble abode, I have always loved looking at prints in linens and the like. Whenever we go to the mall, I always get fascinated everytime we find our way into the linens section or home section. I feel like I am in linen heaven. Haha! If only I could buy them all! :-P

Anyway, for today, I would just like to feature these prints that we bought for our throw pillow covers. Currently, I am so inlove with owl prints and chevron prints. 

Each throw pillow case costs around Ph50 to Ph80 each. Yes, really affordable!

 When I saw this colorful owl print, I was like, aww! So cute and summer-y! 


Trev's Summer Class

My son Trev's classes ended a few weeks ago. Since then, we've been busy looking for a big school for him for next school year. Gosh, it's really hard to scout for a big school nowadays! Tuition fees, for one, are already so expensive. Haha! 

Anyway, since the vacation started, he hasn't stopped asking "Are we going to school now?", repeat ten times. Haha! So, to keep him busy and not bored during the summer break, we enrolled him in a multi-intelligence learning center. Their class started last Monday. 

Then last Friday, they had their first ever swimming class. Trev had the best time ever! He really, really enjoyed the water! We've actually inquired about swimming lessons for him in a swimming school and hubby planned to enroll him next month. Glad that they had an introduction already at his summer school. 

Third day in summer class. Lesson: swimming! I really wanted him to join this so eventhough the class was at 8am and we're like 40 minutes to 1 hour (if traffic) away from the venue (Note: we have no car and we only commute), I was very eager to bring him. So worth it because he had an awesome time. :-)

Here's a short clip of him enjoying the swimming lesson. :-)

Summer class is really fun, not only for the kids but for us parents as well. If I may say also, since this is a summer class, they aren't required to wear uniforms. So, I guess it's the best time for me to dress up my little boy. Who said it's not fun to dress up little boys? :-P
His OOTD on his first day in summer class. :-P

I remember, when he was still a baby, I have always looked for cute frog suits, shirts, bottoms and even shoes for him. Believe me, even if my son is already 3 years old now, I still sometimes find myself looking at baby boy clothes. I can't help it, they're so cute! If you have a baby boy, I found adorable bottoms for baby boys at Zalora Marketplace. Everything is so nice! I particularly love the ones with space shuttle prints as it's one of my son's favorites. If only he's still a baby! :-P I have actually shopped at Zalora before when I bought a gift for my hubby's birthday and now, I'm again browsing the site for boy clothes for my son's summer class! 

Anyway, we're still torn where to enroll him for next school year. We're actually considering the Montessori school near our place. He passed the assessment test there already. Hurray! We'll see. We still have a few more schools to visit before we make our final decision. 


Simply Music: Play Piano Now

I was surfing the internet when I chanced upon Northampton Massachusetts piano lessons. You see, my son's school year has ended a few weeks ago. Now that summer vacation has started, my husband and I have been busy looking for summer activities that our son can attend to. My husband wants our son to attend swimming lessons. Actually, we've already set that next month. For now, he's currently enrolled in a multi-intelligence center which by the way, he loves so much. Anyway, the center is really good as it targets the interest of their students and uses it in the child's learning. I thought maybe it's also good if my son learns other skills of his interest, like playing the piano perhaps. 

When I learned about JeffO Piano Studio, I had this sudden realization. What if my son would like to learn how to play the piano, too? Oh, I would support him all the way. In the website, I learned that kids of any age can perform great sounding music even in their very first lessons. Wow, isn't that brilliant? I would love for my son to do that, too. Well, like I said, if it's his interest, I am with him all the way.

I find Simpy Music as a really fantastic institution when it comes to music or playing the piano. The fees are all worth it because I believe that they have effective methods of teaching how to play the  instrument. If only, if only, I am at or near Northampton, Massachusetts, I would definitely bring my son there if he wants to learn how to play the piano. 

Are you looking for an institution where you or any of your loved ones can learn how to play the piano effectively? Why not try Simply Music and learn piano now! 


i shop, i save, iprice

One of the best things about online shopping is that you have the convenience of shopping at the comforts of your home. Hubby's birthday is coming up and so I am here, surfing the net on what best gift I could give the love of my life. 

Then, guess what? I stumbled upon iprice. What an awesome site! 

Home Remodeling 101: How to Get Started

If you’re like a lot of people who have lived in the same house for years and years, you’ve said the words “I need to remodel my home now” to yourself several times. After all, living in the same space that feels outdated or like it isn’t serving your best interests can be a frustrating experience. 

Image Source: www.photl.com


Trev's Moving Up Ceremony 2015

Trev was two years and seven months when we enrolled him in a play school nearby. He has always loved school since then. And time flew by so fast, last week, we attended his first ever Moving Up Ceremony. 

The playschool where he was enrolled at only caters toddlers (Active Tots Level) and preschoolers (Junior and Senior Nursery Level). Trev belonged to the Active Tots Level. He's met and made friends with a lot of kids of different ages and interests. A happy school year it has been. 

During the ceremony, Trev was in his happy mood, which I was really thankful about. Haha! When it was their turn to do their dance number, he was all out and very active. He danced to his heart's delight. So, so adorable! 

During their first dance number. They had two. :-)
For the toddlers, the theme was Hawaiian
, that was why they were wearing floral.
Credits to his classmate's parents for this pic. :-)


Trev's First Trip To The Cinema

Before this, I can't really remember the last time hubby and I watched a movie at the cinema. It's really been a loooong while. Before we got married, our usual hang out would be at the movie house since my then-BF (now my husband) loves watching movies. It was one of our bonding moments.

When we got married and I eventually got pregnant, we totally set that aside. We still watch movies every now and then, but at the comforts of our own home now. You see, it's a challenge to go to the movie house with a baby in tow you know, haha! No, seriously, aside from the fact that we find movie tickets already expensive now, at least for us, (knowing that we're now a single-income family since I resigned from work after I gave birth), we couldn't just make a trip to the cinema just like that since we have a little tot with us. And even if we could squeeze in the tickets (for a movie that is suited for our son's age) into our budget, one of the things we're actually considering is that our son might not like it inside since it's dark and the sound might be too loud for him. So, we always pass on the idea.

Until last December (yes, this post is long overdue, ooppsie!). When I found out that SM Cinema is offering free movies and one of the movies might suit our son's taste, I thought, maybe it's time for him to try. Just this once lang naman. So, long story short, off we went to Waltermart for Trev's first ever movie house experience.

Lots of people in line to watch the movie, too. Yes, that's the poster of the movie. We watched Thunder and the House of Magic. :-)


You Are My Sunshine!

I know I have been silent for quite a while now. My hands are so full of this little boy but please don't get me wrong, I am loving every minute of it. 

I am hoping though that I could still squeeze in some time to blog because I have lots and lots of things that I would love to share with all of you. I really apologize for the hiatus as I enjoy and cherish these moments with my little prince. :-) 

Anyway, here's one of the many videos I have been taking of my son. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :-)

Their school's Moving Up Day is coming really soon and I am one excited Nanay. It's been a wonderful first year of schooling for our son. We will be enrolling him this summer on the same school and I am pretty sure he will enjoy all the upcoming activities. :-)

Thank you, EverydayMe!

The other day, I received free samples from EverydayMe. I actually signed up months ago that I totally forgot I registered. Haha! Sorry.

It's been a while so to my surprise, I was so happy when the courier came knocking at our door steps with these goodies! 

 That's my boy! :-)

Creating a Benchmark for Volunteerism and Social Responsibility: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

Long before corporate social responsibility and volunteerism became a buzzword for brands and corporations, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has already made it an intrinsic mission and company philosophy. 

It’s a commitment that they took on back in 2008, when they started the Give In To Giving, 12 Cups with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® campaign, an initiative designed to share this mission with its loyal customers. 

“It began by taking something that was relevant to customers at the time—the “planner craze,” if you will— and creating something more meaningful that could be an extension of our commitment as a brand to giving back. What spurred out of this intention was a Commemorative Notebook that became a medium for us, and our patrons, to support advocacies in need and share their blessings. It was and continues to be the only journal that encourages more purposeful action towards ones’ social responsibility,” explained Paolo del Rosario, Vice President for Marketing of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.

Reindeer Hides - Unique and Original Rugs for Your Home

Nature-inspired home decor is trending with interior designers the world over. All-natural decor elements such as wood, stones, small trees and animal skins are popping up in homes everywhere, creating the organic aesthetic that is so sought after today. The success of rustic, natural decor relies on a few key accent pieces to give the room a unified look. The addition of natural wood and antlers are great for walls the same way an animal skin rug is great for your floor. Consider a reindeer rug to accent your home and furniture.

Reindeer hide rugs come in a range of beautiful, natural colors , so you are sure to find one that blends perfectly with your color palette. They also come in a generous array of sizes, ranging from 10 to 25 square feet. Whether you are furnishing a modest breakfast nook or a sprawling family room, reindeer hides can accommodate your need for a rug in almost any size space.

These soft, plush rugs have a range of home decor applications. When placed on the floor as rugs, they cradle bare feet in the warmth of softness of natural, minimally treated reindeer fur. Consider using a reindeer skin as bedside rug to treat your feet to the luxury and softness first thing in the morning.

Very large reindeer rugs are great for hanging up the wall as a dramatic, eye-catching focal point for the room. Because of their exquisitely soft texture and modest size, small-to medium-sized reindeer hides make excellent throws for beds, sofas, recliners and love seats. They are an especially smart and functional choice for leather furniture which gets cold in the winter time. A reindeer skin throw is the perfect way to warm them up. Whether on the floor, wall or couch, reindeer skin adds an air of luxury, coziness and rustic style to any space.

Because most reindeer hides are treated to resist water, they are great for outdoor use. Place one in your garden nook for a great-looking accent that will get lots of attention at parties, or on your patio or porch for an added touch of coziness to your outdoor living area. If your outdoor reindeer hide does take on water, simply wring it out, and hang it up to let it dry, and it will look as good as new.

An added bonus of reindeer skins over other types of animal skins is that reindeer are never killed specifically for their fur. They are an environmentally conscious by-product of reindeer who are killed for their meat on licensed farms. You can feel good about having a reindeer rug in your home knowing that it was produced on the premise of respecting the animal by utilizing every part of it.

Introduce the lush beauty of nature into your living space with the addition of a reindeer rug. Purchase one from a specialized retailer so you can be assured that it was responsibly produced and obtained. Invest in one of these beautifully designed home accents today.


Find Your Perfect Match this Valentine’s Day at Lazada.com.ph

It's the love month once again and tomorrow is already Valentine's Day. Although I believe that celebrating love and romance with your special someone should be done all year round, I guess the month of February is considered the most special time. :-)

Anyway, do you already have a gift for your special someone? If you haven't gotten one yet, it's not too late. Lazada is here to help you decide what you can give your loved one. Check them out below. 

But remember that it's not all about the material things, what's important is the love that you share together with that special someone in your life. :-)


From the press release:

Get your special someone the perfect gift with these cool gift ideas 
for Him and for Her

Candle-lit dinner, bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates - do these things sound familiar? These may be some of the most common things that people prepare for during Valentine’s Day. 

While it’s all about romance and rekindling the spark on Valentine’s Day, Lazada.com.ph – the Philippines’ Biggest Online Shopping Mall rounds up some of their coolest items to help you pick the best gift for Him and for Her without breaking a sweat – and most importantly your bank accounts. Be sure to check out www.lazada.com.ph/valentines-day/ to find out the rest of the sweetest deals for you and your special someone this Valentine’s Day and make sure that you keep your eyes peeled on www.lazada.com.ph and via the Lazada PH Facebook page www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines as surprise discounts and deals will be unveiled to give you the most charming savings!

Find Your Perfect Match this Valentine’s Day at Lazada.com.ph


Home-made Atcharang Papaya

A few months after we moved in here at our humble abode, we started planting different kinds of veggies and fruits. One of them is papaya. Actually, we planted four but decided to cut one because we had part of our front yard cemented. Several months later, only two remained because the other one was brought down by the typhoon Glenda. When we planted those, we were honestly not expecting too much, but we were of course hopeful that they would bear fruits. 

Fast forward to last October (2014), we were finally able to harvest a few. And we were so surprised that up to this day, the two remaining trees have consistently grown lots of fruits. We've given away a lot to my in laws and to our neighbors. On some days, one or two of our neighbors would knock and ask if we're selling the fruits. No, we don't. We'd happily share it to them for free. We're really thankful. And oh, the ripe ones are really tasty and sweet, too! :-)

This was taken last October. Sorry, no latest photo yet. As of today, the fruits have doubled or even tripled already. There really are a lot! Such a blessing!

WeChat On Your Desktop? We’ve Already Got You Covered – Including iOS Users

WeChatters are busy – sometimes you need to multi-task, send a message at work, or use a keyboard to type quicker and longer messages. That’s why three years ago, we launched Web WeChat, WeChat’s web-based client, and have been improving it ever since. So you can WeChat with your friends and family directly on your desktop.

We're Still Into It!

And no plans of stopping yet. Unless he self-weans, of course. :-)

Honestly, there are a few who are asking me when I will stop breastfeeding my son. They say that he's already big (Trev is 3 years and 3 months now, so that's 39 months into our journey and still counting) and he's even attending school already. I always answer them that as long as my son still wants to nurse from me, then I would gladly allow him to. In fact, I am still cherishing our extended breastfeeding journey. 

Well, he doesn't nurse that often anymore naman. In fact, he doesn't nurse to sleep at night. He sleeps while holding his Tatay's hand. Haha! He only nurses in the morning when he wakes up or in the afternoon before his nap. There are very, very few times when he would ask to nurse when we're out (like one time, we were at the church) and I don't mind that either. That's okay. 

Filipino Canadians Visiting The Philippines Will Help Raise Funds For Worthy Cause

Western Union announces fundraising project during the ‘Winter Escapade 2’ tour to support and uplift livelihood communities in the Philippines.

More than 200 Filipino Canadians are looking forward to experiencing the warm welcome of our fellowmen, the warm hugs of their family and friends and the warm sunshine in the Philippines as they visit the country for their Winter Escapade 2 – It’s More Fun in the Philippines tour this coming January 30 to February 6, 2015, The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU), a leader in global payment services, announced today. 

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines and the Philippine Embassy to Canada has again organized a heritage tour for Filipino Canadians in Canada to visit the Philippines to deepen their connection with the country’s beautiful and rich history, heritage and culture. It is also an opportunity to attract investment into tourism projects in the country.

Western Union has been an active supporter of the tour since 2008 and this year, they will show support for the Winter Escapade 2 tour through the launching of the Western Union Sunshine Adventure promotion for its delegates. Participants will simply take “selfies” in different historical tourist spots during the tour and upload their entries in their respective Facebook accounts using the hashtag #WUSunshineWE2 for a chance to win special prizes during the tour’s farewell dinner. 

Simple Joys Photo: My Little School Boy

It's already February! Oh my, time really does fly so fast, yes? Again, I failed to post more entries last month. Huhu. My plate is so full of this little guy right here. But, but, but, please don't get me wrong, I really don't mind being busy with him. I am enjoying every bit with my son. It's not everyday that he's this little so I am cherishing each moment with him. Like I said, time flies so fast!

I know, sooner or later, I would be able to come back and be active in the blogosphere again. But for now, my time is mostly dedicated as a wife and as a mother. And I am loving it. :-)

This little son of ours never fails to amaze us. He's really such an adorable and smart kid (love your own, hihi! But, really!). My husband and I often get amused especially when Trev randomly comments on something or says something to us. He's learning a lot each day. 

And he's doing great in school, too. Thank God for everything. 

Anyway, here's some of Trev's snapshots one afternoon after we arrived home from school. He's tired and sleepy na daw but still managed to pose some happy smiles for the camera. Haha! 


How We Celebrated The New Year 2015

January is almost over and yet, here I am still blogging about how we spent our New Year. Haha! Anyway, better late that never. :-P

Our celebration, like last Christmas, was very simple. We didn't even have fireworks whatsoever, or any other form of making noise like maybe a sound system controller similar to the one from this link. We didn't go out of the house at midnight to watch the fireworks outside because I am so afraid of fireworks. Considering all the accidents I have been seeing in the news, I would rather watch it from afar. Actually, even watching it by the window makes me sort of paranoid. Hihi! Good thing that we can still view some of our neighbors' fireworks from our window so Trev was able to watch the sparkling fountains. That's good enough. Also, we have toy horns from last year so that's what we used to make some noise. 

If last Christmas Trev was sleeping, this time around, for the first time since he was born, Trev was wide awake during Media Noche. Hurray! So, we were able to take some pictures at our humble Media Noche table, too. We enjoyed our simple spread together. 

Anyway, here are some photos during our celebration. 

My two loves while waiting for 12 midnight. :-)


Our Christmas Celebration 2014

Hello, friends! Whew, it's been a while. How are you all? How was your holiday? I hope you all had a blast. I terribly missed blogging. I hope to be able to update soon. 

Anyway, here's my fist post for the year. :-)

While everyone has gotten over the holiday rush and are now back to regular programming, here I am still posting about it. Haha! Sorry, lately I really couldn't find time to update my blog, which honestly kind of frustrates me because I have so many things that I want to share with you. 

I am trying my best to squeeze some time for me to be able to update and publish some posts. Hope I would be able to do it all soon. 

So, to start the year, I would like to share with you how our simple celebration went through these photos. 

Our simple spread consists mainly of pasta carbonara, macaroni fruit salad and graham balls.
All prepared by yours truly. :-)