How We Celebrated The New Year 2015

January is almost over and yet, here I am still blogging about how we spent our New Year. Haha! Anyway, better late that never. :-P

Our celebration, like last Christmas, was very simple. We didn't even have fireworks whatsoever, or any other form of making noise like maybe a sound system controller similar to the one from this link. We didn't go out of the house at midnight to watch the fireworks outside because I am so afraid of fireworks. Considering all the accidents I have been seeing in the news, I would rather watch it from afar. Actually, even watching it by the window makes me sort of paranoid. Hihi! Good thing that we can still view some of our neighbors' fireworks from our window so Trev was able to watch the sparkling fountains. That's good enough. Also, we have toy horns from last year so that's what we used to make some noise. 

If last Christmas Trev was sleeping, this time around, for the first time since he was born, Trev was wide awake during Media Noche. Hurray! So, we were able to take some pictures at our humble Media Noche table, too. We enjoyed our simple spread together. 

Anyway, here are some photos during our celebration. 

My two loves while waiting for 12 midnight. :-)

The fruits that we prepared para salubungin ang New Year. The papayas are from our front yard. Hitik na hitik sa bunga, kakatuwa. :-)

For the first time, finally I was able to prepare my homemade yema cake. Oopps, guess who's hand that is. :-P

The little guy couldn't resist the yema cake, haha! 

Our simple Media Noche. I cooked pansit, lumpiang shanghai, and my homemade mango cheesecake, yema cake and oreo cookies ice cream. The graham cake in the picture was a gift from our neighbor. :-)

Our first family picture this 2015. :-)

With my little prince. 

My king and my prince. :-P

Like I mentioned above, Trev was wide awake, for the very first time since he was born, during the eve of New Year, so the three of us were able to enjoy our simple handa. 

He loves the mango cheesecake. 

The shanghai and pancit, too. 

And of course, the fruits. 

After two days, we decided to take down our Christmas tree already. But of course, before we did that, we took a few, okay a lot of pictures with it first. Hahaha! :-)

That card with my son's name on it was from school. Teacher asked all parents to write our child's name on a card with a wish or message inside. 

Kulitan ng mag-ama. :-)

And more pictures of the three of us. 

That's just some of the pictures we've taken. We actually had fun taking pictures that we didn't notice we took a LOT already. Hahaha! 

Anyway, that's about it. It was a very simple celebration but definitely full of joy and happiness. I hope to be posting more of my back logs as soon as possible. Hope to see you all around. :-)


  1. Happy New Year sis!



    1. Oh, thank you sis! Happy new year to you and your family, too! :-)


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