Our Christmas Celebration 2014

Hello, friends! Whew, it's been a while. How are you all? How was your holiday? I hope you all had a blast. I terribly missed blogging. I hope to be able to update soon. 

Anyway, here's my fist post for the year. :-)

While everyone has gotten over the holiday rush and are now back to regular programming, here I am still posting about it. Haha! Sorry, lately I really couldn't find time to update my blog, which honestly kind of frustrates me because I have so many things that I want to share with you. 

I am trying my best to squeeze some time for me to be able to update and publish some posts. Hope I would be able to do it all soon. 

So, to start the year, I would like to share with you how our simple celebration went through these photos. 

Our simple spread consists mainly of pasta carbonara, macaroni fruit salad and graham balls.
All prepared by yours truly. :-)

It's actually my second time to make graham balls. The first time I posted here. This time around, I made a bunch of these to give to my husband's nephews and nieces. I hope they liked it. 

This was the whole bunch that I made. Only left one box here at home for my little one. :-)

Our simple Christmas tree. It's the first time that we had a tree and we're all very happy about it. It surely added that holiday cheer at home. Almost all those presents are gifts given to Trev, haha!

Since he was born, he's never actually been awake during the eve of Christmas. He always falls asleep. So, this is his fourth Christmas, and he's again sound asleep. Hihi! :-) 

So, again, it was only me and hubby who ate our simple Noche Buena during Christmas eve. 

So, when he woke up that Christmas morning, that's when he was able to enjoy our humble handa. 

We went to church to hear mass and at the same time, to attend my brother in law's daughter's Christening since I am one of the Ninangs.

After we attended the baptismal reception, we went straight home. 

 And, here's our Christmas family picture at home! :-)

The little guy was so excited to finally open his presents. 

He loves all his gifts. We even recorded a video of him opening all his gifts because he looked so happy and giddy. Haha! 

He particularly likes all the toy vehicles, especially the construction sets, that we and some of our relatives and friends gave to him. 

 With his digger! 

And his crane. Well, he loves this one the most, me thinks! Hihi! 

Thank you to all those who generously gave Christmas presents to our little guy. He surely is extending his thanks, too. He loves them all! 

Okay, so that's how our simple Christmas celebration went. Next up, our New Year celebration naman. 

How about you? How was your holidays? 

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  1. Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you sis!




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