Find Your Perfect Match this Valentine’s Day at Lazada.com.ph

It's the love month once again and tomorrow is already Valentine's Day. Although I believe that celebrating love and romance with your special someone should be done all year round, I guess the month of February is considered the most special time. :-)

Anyway, do you already have a gift for your special someone? If you haven't gotten one yet, it's not too late. Lazada is here to help you decide what you can give your loved one. Check them out below. 

But remember that it's not all about the material things, what's important is the love that you share together with that special someone in your life. :-)


From the press release:

Get your special someone the perfect gift with these cool gift ideas 
for Him and for Her

Candle-lit dinner, bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates - do these things sound familiar? These may be some of the most common things that people prepare for during Valentine’s Day. 

While it’s all about romance and rekindling the spark on Valentine’s Day, Lazada.com.ph – the Philippines’ Biggest Online Shopping Mall rounds up some of their coolest items to help you pick the best gift for Him and for Her without breaking a sweat – and most importantly your bank accounts. Be sure to check out www.lazada.com.ph/valentines-day/ to find out the rest of the sweetest deals for you and your special someone this Valentine’s Day and make sure that you keep your eyes peeled on www.lazada.com.ph and via the Lazada PH Facebook page www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines as surprise discounts and deals will be unveiled to give you the most charming savings!

Find Your Perfect Match this Valentine’s Day at Lazada.com.ph


Home-made Atcharang Papaya

A few months after we moved in here at our humble abode, we started planting different kinds of veggies and fruits. One of them is papaya. Actually, we planted four but decided to cut one because we had part of our front yard cemented. Several months later, only two remained because the other one was brought down by the typhoon Glenda. When we planted those, we were honestly not expecting too much, but we were of course hopeful that they would bear fruits. 

Fast forward to last October (2014), we were finally able to harvest a few. And we were so surprised that up to this day, the two remaining trees have consistently grown lots of fruits. We've given away a lot to my in laws and to our neighbors. On some days, one or two of our neighbors would knock and ask if we're selling the fruits. No, we don't. We'd happily share it to them for free. We're really thankful. And oh, the ripe ones are really tasty and sweet, too! :-)

This was taken last October. Sorry, no latest photo yet. As of today, the fruits have doubled or even tripled already. There really are a lot! Such a blessing!

WeChat On Your Desktop? We’ve Already Got You Covered – Including iOS Users

WeChatters are busy – sometimes you need to multi-task, send a message at work, or use a keyboard to type quicker and longer messages. That’s why three years ago, we launched Web WeChat, WeChat’s web-based client, and have been improving it ever since. So you can WeChat with your friends and family directly on your desktop.

We're Still Into It!

And no plans of stopping yet. Unless he self-weans, of course. :-)

Honestly, there are a few who are asking me when I will stop breastfeeding my son. They say that he's already big (Trev is 3 years and 3 months now, so that's 39 months into our journey and still counting) and he's even attending school already. I always answer them that as long as my son still wants to nurse from me, then I would gladly allow him to. In fact, I am still cherishing our extended breastfeeding journey. 

Well, he doesn't nurse that often anymore naman. In fact, he doesn't nurse to sleep at night. He sleeps while holding his Tatay's hand. Haha! He only nurses in the morning when he wakes up or in the afternoon before his nap. There are very, very few times when he would ask to nurse when we're out (like one time, we were at the church) and I don't mind that either. That's okay. 

Filipino Canadians Visiting The Philippines Will Help Raise Funds For Worthy Cause

Western Union announces fundraising project during the ‘Winter Escapade 2’ tour to support and uplift livelihood communities in the Philippines.

More than 200 Filipino Canadians are looking forward to experiencing the warm welcome of our fellowmen, the warm hugs of their family and friends and the warm sunshine in the Philippines as they visit the country for their Winter Escapade 2 – It’s More Fun in the Philippines tour this coming January 30 to February 6, 2015, The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU), a leader in global payment services, announced today. 

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines and the Philippine Embassy to Canada has again organized a heritage tour for Filipino Canadians in Canada to visit the Philippines to deepen their connection with the country’s beautiful and rich history, heritage and culture. It is also an opportunity to attract investment into tourism projects in the country.

Western Union has been an active supporter of the tour since 2008 and this year, they will show support for the Winter Escapade 2 tour through the launching of the Western Union Sunshine Adventure promotion for its delegates. Participants will simply take “selfies” in different historical tourist spots during the tour and upload their entries in their respective Facebook accounts using the hashtag #WUSunshineWE2 for a chance to win special prizes during the tour’s farewell dinner. 

Simple Joys Photo: My Little School Boy

It's already February! Oh my, time really does fly so fast, yes? Again, I failed to post more entries last month. Huhu. My plate is so full of this little guy right here. But, but, but, please don't get me wrong, I really don't mind being busy with him. I am enjoying every bit with my son. It's not everyday that he's this little so I am cherishing each moment with him. Like I said, time flies so fast!

I know, sooner or later, I would be able to come back and be active in the blogosphere again. But for now, my time is mostly dedicated as a wife and as a mother. And I am loving it. :-)

This little son of ours never fails to amaze us. He's really such an adorable and smart kid (love your own, hihi! But, really!). My husband and I often get amused especially when Trev randomly comments on something or says something to us. He's learning a lot each day. 

And he's doing great in school, too. Thank God for everything. 

Anyway, here's some of Trev's snapshots one afternoon after we arrived home from school. He's tired and sleepy na daw but still managed to pose some happy smiles for the camera. Haha!