Home-made Atcharang Papaya

A few months after we moved in here at our humble abode, we started planting different kinds of veggies and fruits. One of them is papaya. Actually, we planted four but decided to cut one because we had part of our front yard cemented. Several months later, only two remained because the other one was brought down by the typhoon Glenda. When we planted those, we were honestly not expecting too much, but we were of course hopeful that they would bear fruits. 

Fast forward to last October (2014), we were finally able to harvest a few. And we were so surprised that up to this day, the two remaining trees have consistently grown lots of fruits. We've given away a lot to my in laws and to our neighbors. On some days, one or two of our neighbors would knock and ask if we're selling the fruits. No, we don't. We'd happily share it to them for free. We're really thankful. And oh, the ripe ones are really tasty and sweet, too! :-)

This was taken last October. Sorry, no latest photo yet. As of today, the fruits have doubled or even tripled already. There really are a lot! Such a blessing!

One of the many fruits that we've harvested. See how big it is? :-)

Oh, those cute little tiny ones. Those are actually the first fruits to appear. They didn't grow big though. Just teeny weeny fruits. We didn't harvest them. Hubby's brother in law told us to let the first fruits ripe up on the tree so the others would not go bland. Don't know if true but there's no harm in trying. And so far, all the fruits that we've harvested turned out to be really tasty. Not to mention, big! Hihi! :-)

I have cooked different dishes out of them already like tinola and ginataan. One day my husband asked me if I could make atchara. I honestly don't know how to but I love atchara as well. So off I went to Mr. Google and found an awesome recipe from Panlasang Pinoy. I followed exactly what was there and tadah! Here's the result. 

Home-made Atcharang Papaya
I was able to make two jars of atchara out of one big fruit. 

Home-made Atcharang Papaya
After one week in the ref, here's our yummy appetizer. Credits to Panlasang Pinoy for the recipe! :-) 

It was really good. We paired it with fried fish, chicken or whatever. We especially love it during breakfast. 

Since then, I have made more jars of atchara all over again. In fact, we have around three in the fridge right now. It was actually four, but I gave away one to my bestfriends who visited us the other week. I haven't asked their feedback yet, but I hope they like it, too. :-) 

It's been a year since we planted them, the papayas are still up and happy at our front yard and so far, they're still growing lots of fruits. And by the way, they're really tall now but the fruits are still tasty. :-)

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