We're Still Into It!

And no plans of stopping yet. Unless he self-weans, of course. :-)

Honestly, there are a few who are asking me when I will stop breastfeeding my son. They say that he's already big (Trev is 3 years and 3 months now, so that's 39 months into our journey and still counting) and he's even attending school already. I always answer them that as long as my son still wants to nurse from me, then I would gladly allow him to. In fact, I am still cherishing our extended breastfeeding journey. 

Well, he doesn't nurse that often anymore naman. In fact, he doesn't nurse to sleep at night. He sleeps while holding his Tatay's hand. Haha! He only nurses in the morning when he wakes up or in the afternoon before his nap. There are very, very few times when he would ask to nurse when we're out (like one time, we were at the church) and I don't mind that either. That's okay. 

One conversation we had one time. 

Me: Which tastes better, anak? Nanay's milk or juice? 
Trev: Nanay's milk (with my nip stuck in his mouth, because he's busy nursing, hahaha!)
Me: How about water and milk? Which tastes better? 
Trev: Nanay's milk. 
Me: Hmmm, soya drink or Nanay's milk?
Trev: Nanay's milk. 

Haha! Amusing. 

I have no idea how long he still wants my milk but like I said, I still find our extended breastfeeding journey awesome. Thank God for this wonderful blessing. :-) 


  1. Me I am still thinking if I am going to stop to breastfeed my other twin he is 1 yr old. The other one stopped when he was 5 months old. Kasi parang mas close sa kin yung nagbrebreastfeed. And I don't want the other one to be left behind. I want equal attention to both of them. But good job on you!



    1. Naku, sayang naman sis if you stop. How about considering the other way around, instead of stopping to breastfeed the other twin, how about trying to bring him back to the breast since you still have milk naman. Breastmilk is still best, sis. It would be the best for both of them. :-)


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