Reindeer Hides - Unique and Original Rugs for Your Home

Nature-inspired home decor is trending with interior designers the world over. All-natural decor elements such as wood, stones, small trees and animal skins are popping up in homes everywhere, creating the organic aesthetic that is so sought after today. The success of rustic, natural decor relies on a few key accent pieces to give the room a unified look. The addition of natural wood and antlers are great for walls the same way an animal skin rug is great for your floor. Consider a reindeer rug to accent your home and furniture.

Reindeer hide rugs come in a range of beautiful, natural colors , so you are sure to find one that blends perfectly with your color palette. They also come in a generous array of sizes, ranging from 10 to 25 square feet. Whether you are furnishing a modest breakfast nook or a sprawling family room, reindeer hides can accommodate your need for a rug in almost any size space.

These soft, plush rugs have a range of home decor applications. When placed on the floor as rugs, they cradle bare feet in the warmth of softness of natural, minimally treated reindeer fur. Consider using a reindeer skin as bedside rug to treat your feet to the luxury and softness first thing in the morning.

Very large reindeer rugs are great for hanging up the wall as a dramatic, eye-catching focal point for the room. Because of their exquisitely soft texture and modest size, small-to medium-sized reindeer hides make excellent throws for beds, sofas, recliners and love seats. They are an especially smart and functional choice for leather furniture which gets cold in the winter time. A reindeer skin throw is the perfect way to warm them up. Whether on the floor, wall or couch, reindeer skin adds an air of luxury, coziness and rustic style to any space.

Because most reindeer hides are treated to resist water, they are great for outdoor use. Place one in your garden nook for a great-looking accent that will get lots of attention at parties, or on your patio or porch for an added touch of coziness to your outdoor living area. If your outdoor reindeer hide does take on water, simply wring it out, and hang it up to let it dry, and it will look as good as new.

An added bonus of reindeer skins over other types of animal skins is that reindeer are never killed specifically for their fur. They are an environmentally conscious by-product of reindeer who are killed for their meat on licensed farms. You can feel good about having a reindeer rug in your home knowing that it was produced on the premise of respecting the animal by utilizing every part of it.

Introduce the lush beauty of nature into your living space with the addition of a reindeer rug. Purchase one from a specialized retailer so you can be assured that it was responsibly produced and obtained. Invest in one of these beautifully designed home accents today.

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