Trev's First Trip To The Cinema

Before this, I can't really remember the last time hubby and I watched a movie at the cinema. It's really been a loooong while. Before we got married, our usual hang out would be at the movie house since my then-BF (now my husband) loves watching movies. It was one of our bonding moments.

When we got married and I eventually got pregnant, we totally set that aside. We still watch movies every now and then, but at the comforts of our own home now. You see, it's a challenge to go to the movie house with a baby in tow you know, haha! No, seriously, aside from the fact that we find movie tickets already expensive now, at least for us, (knowing that we're now a single-income family since I resigned from work after I gave birth), we couldn't just make a trip to the cinema just like that since we have a little tot with us. And even if we could squeeze in the tickets (for a movie that is suited for our son's age) into our budget, one of the things we're actually considering is that our son might not like it inside since it's dark and the sound might be too loud for him. So, we always pass on the idea.

Until last December (yes, this post is long overdue, ooppsie!). When I found out that SM Cinema is offering free movies and one of the movies might suit our son's taste, I thought, maybe it's time for him to try. Just this once lang naman. So, long story short, off we went to Waltermart for Trev's first ever movie house experience.

Lots of people in line to watch the movie, too. Yes, that's the poster of the movie. We watched Thunder and the House of Magic. :-)

Well, at first, he was uneasy and wanted to go home. But when he saw other kids going inside the cinema, too, he got curious. Inside, he was amazed by the "giant" TV. Since the movie was a cartoon, he got interested and settled down until the end. Yes, his first movie house experience turned out fun.

The excited little guy. We could not get a decent photo of the three of us, haha! :-)

After this, we haven't been to the cinema again and will not be anytime soon. We honestly just took the chance of bonding out again like what we used to do before (it's been like 4 years since our last movie date), good thing also that it was free (yes, I admit, that's one of the reasons also), haha! It was different this time though because we're now three, and it made the experience all the more special. :-)

After the movie, we strolled around the mall to look for things needed at home like some bass brushes but unfortunately, we were not able to find any. Oh, well, maybe next time. 

Now, we're back to watching movies at home again, at the comforts of our sofa and throw pillows. :-P


  1. Excited na ko sa first sine ng mga kambal :)



    1. Naku, double excitement sa iyo, sis, kasi twins! Cute! :-)


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