Trev's Moving Up Ceremony 2015

Trev was two years and seven months when we enrolled him in a play school nearby. He has always loved school since then. And time flew by so fast, last week, we attended his first ever Moving Up Ceremony. 

The playschool where he was enrolled at only caters toddlers (Active Tots Level) and preschoolers (Junior and Senior Nursery Level). Trev belonged to the Active Tots Level. He's met and made friends with a lot of kids of different ages and interests. A happy school year it has been. 

During the ceremony, Trev was in his happy mood, which I was really thankful about. Haha! When it was their turn to do their dance number, he was all out and very active. He danced to his heart's delight. So, so adorable! 

During their first dance number. They had two. :-)
For the toddlers, the theme was Hawaiian
, that was why they were wearing floral.
Credits to his classmate's parents for this pic. :-)

When the giving of certificates and awards started, the little guy was still in his bibo mood. I was the one who accompanied him on stage because the Tatay acted as our photographer. :-P

So mighty proud of this little guy. Thank you, anak, and congratulations! 

These are the awards that he got! Thank you, Lord!
In the playschool he attended, they have no first, second, nor third honors. For them, all children are gifted. That's why they recognize them with awards like these based on what they observed with the child.

After the ceremony, we went straight to, where else, Jollibee, to simply celebrate my son's Moving Up. 

 At Jollibee, while waiting for our food. 

Then treated him at Fun House for some rides. He was very happy. :-) 

Having fun with his Tatay. :-)

Then went straight home for some more pictorials. Hihi!

 That rose was actually a surprise given by the school (through the kids) to all parents. Kakatouch! :-)

 Kung maka-pose ang bata, wagas. Hihi! (By the way, we didn't teach him to pose like that. Nagulat na lang kami! :-P)

Being such a cutie! :-)

With awards or none, always remember that we love you, anak. So much!
We will always be here for you, no matter what. 

We are one proud parents, anak! You did really well. I hope and pray that you continue to love learning as much as you do now. You know we love you very, very much. Thank you for the honor, anak. You are still very young. Still (and will always be, at least for me!) a baby. Continue soaring and spreading your wings as you grow. We will always, always be here to support you. Thank the Lord God for everything and do what you must to glorify Him always. 

By the way, I was teary-eyed and my heart was swelling with joy when I went up the stage to receive your awards with you. And you may not have noticed it, and I know he might not admit it, but your Tatay was, too. Hihi! 

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