Duet With My Little Boy :-)

Hey there, everyone! 

I would like to share another video of my 3 year old boy. :-) 

But first, please forgive my voice. Haha! I am not a good singer. Also, if my lyrics are incorrect, my apologies, too. Just focus na lang po on my son's "performance". Hihi! 

You see, that's one of my son's favorite songs so far. And everytime he feels like singing that song, it must be with me and we must be holding each other's hand. Yes, MUST talaga. That's how he likes to sing that song, dapat holding hands. My sweet little darling baby. ♥

He'd always say, "Nanay, let's sing Take My Hand" sabay grab hold of my hand. And yeah, he calls the song "Take My Hand" instead of the real title (More Than You'll Ever Know). Haha! I find it cute and amusing though. :-)

I actually like that song, too. And I honestly feel emotional whenever we sing that song together. I guess it's not just a love song about a guy and a girl. It says it all, I love my son more than he will ever know. I love him to the moon and back. I love him so much that I guess no words could ever explain how much. So, I guess you could say na malamang eh yan na ang theme song namin. Haha!

Does your child have a favorite song, too? 


My Baby Can Read! :-)

I am so mighty proud of my little one. He can already read. Yey! :-) 

I actually noticed that he's ready to learn how to read a few months before the school year ended. I noticed kasi na he could blend letter sounds already. So, I thought, maybe it's time. 

I wrote random three letter words and asked my son to try and read it. Since he already knows his phonics, I guess it was sort of easy for him to blend the sounds together. So, I tried to teach him how to read. And viola, he did it! 

My three years and five month old Trev. :-)


Loving These Prints

Eversince we moved in here at our humble abode, I have always loved looking at prints in linens and the like. Whenever we go to the mall, I always get fascinated everytime we find our way into the linens section or home section. I feel like I am in linen heaven. Haha! If only I could buy them all! :-P

Anyway, for today, I would just like to feature these prints that we bought for our throw pillow covers. Currently, I am so inlove with owl prints and chevron prints. 

Each throw pillow case costs around Ph50 to Ph80 each. Yes, really affordable!

 When I saw this colorful owl print, I was like, aww! So cute and summer-y! 


Trev's Summer Class

My son Trev's classes ended a few weeks ago. Since then, we've been busy looking for a big school for him for next school year. Gosh, it's really hard to scout for a big school nowadays! Tuition fees, for one, are already so expensive. Haha! 

Anyway, since the vacation started, he hasn't stopped asking "Are we going to school now?", repeat ten times. Haha! So, to keep him busy and not bored during the summer break, we enrolled him in a multi-intelligence learning center. Their class started last Monday. 

Then last Friday, they had their first ever swimming class. Trev had the best time ever! He really, really enjoyed the water! We've actually inquired about swimming lessons for him in a swimming school and hubby planned to enroll him next month. Glad that they had an introduction already at his summer school. 

Third day in summer class. Lesson: swimming! I really wanted him to join this so eventhough the class was at 8am and we're like 40 minutes to 1 hour (if traffic) away from the venue (Note: we have no car and we only commute), I was very eager to bring him. So worth it because he had an awesome time. :-)

Here's a short clip of him enjoying the swimming lesson. :-)

Summer class is really fun, not only for the kids but for us parents as well. If I may say also, since this is a summer class, they aren't required to wear uniforms. So, I guess it's the best time for me to dress up my little boy. Who said it's not fun to dress up little boys? :-P
His OOTD on his first day in summer class. :-P

I remember, when he was still a baby, I have always looked for cute frog suits, shirts, bottoms and even shoes for him. Believe me, even if my son is already 3 years old now, I still sometimes find myself looking at baby boy clothes. I can't help it, they're so cute! If you have a baby boy, I found adorable bottoms for baby boys at Zalora Marketplace. Everything is so nice! I particularly love the ones with space shuttle prints as it's one of my son's favorites. If only he's still a baby! :-P I have actually shopped at Zalora before when I bought a gift for my hubby's birthday and now, I'm again browsing the site for boy clothes for my son's summer class! 

Anyway, we're still torn where to enroll him for next school year. We're actually considering the Montessori school near our place. He passed the assessment test there already. Hurray! We'll see. We still have a few more schools to visit before we make our final decision. 


Simply Music: Play Piano Now

I was surfing the internet when I chanced upon Northampton Massachusetts piano lessons. You see, my son's school year has ended a few weeks ago. Now that summer vacation has started, my husband and I have been busy looking for summer activities that our son can attend to. My husband wants our son to attend swimming lessons. Actually, we've already set that next month. For now, he's currently enrolled in a multi-intelligence center which by the way, he loves so much. Anyway, the center is really good as it targets the interest of their students and uses it in the child's learning. I thought maybe it's also good if my son learns other skills of his interest, like playing the piano perhaps. 

When I learned about JeffO Piano Studio, I had this sudden realization. What if my son would like to learn how to play the piano, too? Oh, I would support him all the way. In the website, I learned that kids of any age can perform great sounding music even in their very first lessons. Wow, isn't that brilliant? I would love for my son to do that, too. Well, like I said, if it's his interest, I am with him all the way.

I find Simpy Music as a really fantastic institution when it comes to music or playing the piano. The fees are all worth it because I believe that they have effective methods of teaching how to play the  instrument. If only, if only, I am at or near Northampton, Massachusetts, I would definitely bring my son there if he wants to learn how to play the piano. 

Are you looking for an institution where you or any of your loved ones can learn how to play the piano effectively? Why not try Simply Music and learn piano now!