Duet With My Little Boy :-)

Hey there, everyone! 

I would like to share another video of my 3 year old boy. :-) 

But first, please forgive my voice. Haha! I am not a good singer. Also, if my lyrics are incorrect, my apologies, too. Just focus na lang po on my son's "performance". Hihi! 

You see, that's one of my son's favorite songs so far. And everytime he feels like singing that song, it must be with me and we must be holding each other's hand. Yes, MUST talaga. That's how he likes to sing that song, dapat holding hands. My sweet little darling baby. ♥

He'd always say, "Nanay, let's sing Take My Hand" sabay grab hold of my hand. And yeah, he calls the song "Take My Hand" instead of the real title (More Than You'll Ever Know). Haha! I find it cute and amusing though. :-)

I actually like that song, too. And I honestly feel emotional whenever we sing that song together. I guess it's not just a love song about a guy and a girl. It says it all, I love my son more than he will ever know. I love him to the moon and back. I love him so much that I guess no words could ever explain how much. So, I guess you could say na malamang eh yan na ang theme song namin. Haha!

Does your child have a favorite song, too? 

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