Loving These Prints

Eversince we moved in here at our humble abode, I have always loved looking at prints in linens and the like. Whenever we go to the mall, I always get fascinated everytime we find our way into the linens section or home section. I feel like I am in linen heaven. Haha! If only I could buy them all! :-P

Anyway, for today, I would just like to feature these prints that we bought for our throw pillow covers. Currently, I am so inlove with owl prints and chevron prints. 

Each throw pillow case costs around Ph50 to Ph80 each. Yes, really affordable!

 When I saw this colorful owl print, I was like, aww! So cute and summer-y! 

 I was supposed to buy one more of the print above but I decided to just get this other owl print, which is also cute. 

 My son, Trev, happily lounging at our sofa set. Haha!

By the way, I DIY-ed that slipcover for our sofa set. The fabric is actually a heavy curtain drape. Hihi! Wish I could share with you how I did it but it was really trial and error. 
The sofa's original cover is already brown but I decided to make a slip cover because my 3 year old boy tends to mess around, so I am afraid he might end up doodling or something at our sofa's original cover. Haha! 

Uhhmm, pardon the mismatched prints, by the way. I still have to work things out at the interior of our home. Hopefully in the near future. 

And oh, yes, I also have mugs with owl prints, too (this in brown and another one in cream). Cute! It's Ph40 or Ph50 each. 

By the way, that's my Day 1 breakfast of the military diet. I learned about it from Mommy Maan of DavaoMommy.com (again, thank you, sis, for sharing!). I hope to share with you my experience about it, too. To date, I have already lost 8 lbs! 

And yes, this chevron print throw pillow case is also one of my favorites. I was looking for something that's plain chevron but I couldn't find any. But I'm happy with this one nonetheless. The little guy loves it, too!

Oh, see that throw pillow case on my son's right side? I saw that same exact print in one of Real Living Magazine's articles. Wish I could find that article again. Wala lang, I'm just happy that I was able to score the same print before I even saw the magazine's feature. :-)

So, there you go. We went to Robinson's Malolos the other day and guess what, there were so many chevron prints at the linens and home section. I saw this yellow tray with chevron print and I am so inlove with it. I hope we have extra budget so I could get my hands on it, haha! It's around a little over Ph200. I also saw this comforter set with chevron prints, too. There are actually a lot of other patterns which are equally adorbs!

That's it for now. We still have a lot of things to worry about regarding the finishing touches of our humble home (we're currently having our front area, fence and gate, the works, done this week). So, we'll prioritize what's more important. God wiling, we can get into the accessories part sooner or later, when budget permits. :-) 


  1. nice cases! nakakadagdag ganda points sa living room...

  2. Where did you buy the owl prints? So pretty!!!



  3. Thank you, sisses cheekeegirl and neri ann! I bought all the throw pillow covers at one of the malls here near our place. The mall is Unitop. I am not sure though if they have other branches. Pero, I am pretty sure you can find similar or other cute prints at The Landmark or Robinsons malls. :-)


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