My Baby Can Read! :-)

I am so mighty proud of my little one. He can already read. Yey! :-) 

I actually noticed that he's ready to learn how to read a few months before the school year ended. I noticed kasi na he could blend letter sounds already. So, I thought, maybe it's time. 

I wrote random three letter words and asked my son to try and read it. Since he already knows his phonics, I guess it was sort of easy for him to blend the sounds together. So, I tried to teach him how to read. And viola, he did it! 

My three years and five month old Trev. :-)

I filmed this vid last month. Back then, he could already read CVC words. Now, he can read more words (some CVCC, some CCVC, and some sight words) and even short paragraphs, too. After he reads a short paragraph, I always ask him what's the story about. And guess what, he knows! Meaning he's not just reading it but somehow, he's understanding what he's reading already. Amazing! Pasensya na po, I just can't help but be proud of my son. Ako na ang proud na ina. Hihi!

Of course, we still need lots of practice pa but he's getting there slowly but surely. Thank God for guiding us!

Not a day passes by that we don't read any of his books. He just loves them so much that he wants us to read a few stories everytime. It's actually another way for us to practice reading. If before, it's just me or hubby who reads the book, now I always ask him to read some words from the book and yes, he's able to do it. Good job, baby. 

Keep it up, anak! We love you so much and we're always here to support you all the way. 

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