Trev's Summer Class

My son Trev's classes ended a few weeks ago. Since then, we've been busy looking for a big school for him for next school year. Gosh, it's really hard to scout for a big school nowadays! Tuition fees, for one, are already so expensive. Haha! 

Anyway, since the vacation started, he hasn't stopped asking "Are we going to school now?", repeat ten times. Haha! So, to keep him busy and not bored during the summer break, we enrolled him in a multi-intelligence learning center. Their class started last Monday. 

Then last Friday, they had their first ever swimming class. Trev had the best time ever! He really, really enjoyed the water! We've actually inquired about swimming lessons for him in a swimming school and hubby planned to enroll him next month. Glad that they had an introduction already at his summer school. 

Third day in summer class. Lesson: swimming! I really wanted him to join this so eventhough the class was at 8am and we're like 40 minutes to 1 hour (if traffic) away from the venue (Note: we have no car and we only commute), I was very eager to bring him. So worth it because he had an awesome time. :-)

Here's a short clip of him enjoying the swimming lesson. :-)

Summer class is really fun, not only for the kids but for us parents as well. If I may say also, since this is a summer class, they aren't required to wear uniforms. So, I guess it's the best time for me to dress up my little boy. Who said it's not fun to dress up little boys? :-P
His OOTD on his first day in summer class. :-P

I remember, when he was still a baby, I have always looked for cute frog suits, shirts, bottoms and even shoes for him. Believe me, even if my son is already 3 years old now, I still sometimes find myself looking at baby boy clothes. I can't help it, they're so cute! If you have a baby boy, I found adorable bottoms for baby boys at Zalora Marketplace. Everything is so nice! I particularly love the ones with space shuttle prints as it's one of my son's favorites. If only he's still a baby! :-P I have actually shopped at Zalora before when I bought a gift for my hubby's birthday and now, I'm again browsing the site for boy clothes for my son's summer class! 

Anyway, we're still torn where to enroll him for next school year. We're actually considering the Montessori school near our place. He passed the assessment test there already. Hurray! We'll see. We still have a few more schools to visit before we make our final decision. 

For now, I'll just let my son enjoy his summer class. 

By the way, you may have noticed it in the clip and pic above. But yeah, he already got a haircut the other day. I will surely miss his long hair. Huhu. No choice but to have it cut in preparation for big school. :-P

So proud of him. For the first time, there were no tears while he was having a haircut at our friendly neighborhood barbershop. In fact, he liked it. He said he likes his short hair daw. Haha! 

How about you? Have you enrolled your child/ren in a summer class, too? :-)

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  1. I can't wait to have my twins' adventure for their school! But for now I will enjoy every moment while their are still small. :)




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