How's Your Summer?

Hey there, everyone! How's life going on? It's been a while since I last posted. Summer has been hectic for me. For me and my little prince, actually. 

We've been school hunting since before the summer started and we've enrolled our son in a preschool summer class last April. It lasted for a month. They just celebrated their Commencement Exercise yesterday and it was so much fun! Trev and his classmates were so cute in their dance number. 

I really like the school where we enrolled him for his summer class. Aside from academics, they also focus on the kids' talents so the school also offers music, sports, and the like. It's actually a multiple - intelligence school. If we have enough budget, we might have probably enrolled him in a music class, too. Guitar lessons perhaps. I am not sure but we might need to buy him a guitar like the sg guitars for that. And since we have limited budget because it's enrollment time once again, we would have to forego that plan for the time being. Anyway, there's always a next time. :-)

Oh, did I mention that while Trev was enrolled there, he was also attending a montessori summer class? Right, we were really busy the other week. Good thing that his montessori summer class was only for a week so it wasn't much of a conflict. Besides, my son loved the activities and he had lots of fun. The montessori summer class is in preparation for the coming school year. Yes, we're strongly considering that school, too.

I will be sharing with you about what happened during his summer class in the coming posts. I am really sorry for the lack of regular posts lately. I hope makabawi next time. 


  1. hm is the summer class sis?



    1. For his summer class, sis, the tuition fee was Ph2,500. It's a preschool daycare summer class with basic swimming and taekwondo lessons, and it lasted for one month. Super sulit given the amazing experience that my son and his classmates had during their stay at the school. Nakakatuwa. :-)


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