Back To Bento-ing

I am so back! Well, I never actually stopped because everyday, I still prepare bento baon for my hubby and son but they're just simple bento baon or snacks. 

Now that the new school year has started, I have been inspired to really get into this interest of mine. So, I decided to go to the next level. Naks! Hihi! Yeah, I am into making kyarabens / charabens lately. I thought I couldn't make it since I don't have all the tools needed, but I just improvised with what's available in our kitchen. Good thing it works so far. 

Before the school year started, I have been practicing making bento breakfast or lunch for my little one. Here were some of the ones I prepared for him last month. 

Chick Bento
 This I made for him and for hubby. Hubby's baon is tamagoyaki, ham and my home-made atchara. For Trev, I made a chick from a boiled egg, a banana with a note that says "I Love You, Trev!" and two onigiri using the molds I bought from Japan Homes. :-) 

Maya The Bee Bento
 This naman was slightly inspired by the story of Maya The Bee because my son likes the movie. :-) 
It's composed of quail eggs, beans, peaches and rainbow bread with peanut butter. 

Baymax Bento
My boy likes Baymax so here's a simple lunch I made for him. 

There you have it. Next up would be the bento baon I prepared for my little one since the school year started last week. Stay tuned! :-)

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