Rocketship Bento

Short kuwento muna why I came up with this bento. It's kind of funny for me actually. You see, everytime I make a baon for my son, I always show him what the contents are. Yesterday, our convo went something like this while I was showing him his first day of school bento.
Me: Trev, anak, here's your baon. What do you think it is?
Trev: Wow, Nanay, it's a rocketship!
Me: No, anak, it's not a rocketship. It's a pencil, look!
Trev: No, Nanay, it looks like a rocketship. 
Me: Anak, it's a pencil. 
Trev: But I want it to be a rocketship, Nanay. 
Me: Okay, anak, I'll try to come up with something tomorrow. 
Trev: Okay, Nanay. I want a green rocketship please. 

Haha! Wala na akong nagawa. I really need to work on my bento skills. Sorry, not an expert yet although I've been doing bento for like 2 years now, I've not done a lot of kyarabens yet. I'm still learning and I need lots and lots of practice. :-)

Long story short, here's his green rocketship for his second day in school. 

Day 2: Rocketship Bento

It's composed of his favorite mango balls, some rainbow bread that I shaped into moons and stars, pasta with cheese (no sauce) and green egg sheets that I shaped into a rocketship with cheese details. That's freehand cut by the way since I don't have a rocketship cutter. I just simply used a small paring knife, luckily, it somehow worked. 

I don't have any rocketship or space-themed food picks so I just chose a mickey mouse food pick. Trev recognized naman that it somehow was martian mickey (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, haha!). 

He likes his baon and was very happy. In fact, taob ang baunan when I checked it after we got home from school, haha! Simot sarap! I'm a happy Nanay! :-)

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