A Simple Animal Bento

I decided to make a bento inspired by their lesson in school. Since they had a lesson about auditory discrimination on their second day in class, I prepared a simple animal bento for him. You see, their first auditory discrimination lesson was all about animal sounds. 

When I showed him his baon, I asked him the sounds of the animals in it. Hitting two birds with one stone, ey? Hihi! Reviewing while eating healthy food. 

Day 3: A Simple Animal Bento

Shawn the sheep is made of wheat bread with peanut butter spread. I used a flower cutter fot its body and freehand cut the nori for his face, used a clean drinking straw for the cheese to make the eyes and nori for the iris. The cute doggy naman was just a pandesal with cheese. I used a heart cutter for its face and ears. For the details, I used cheese and raisins. As for the angry birds, well those are just fish cakes that I bought from Waltermart, hihi! I was supposed to also DIY a bird but since I have that, might as well add it in his baon instead. :-)

By the way, I love those leaves food picks I bought from Bento Mommas. It adds so much cuteness to the grapes, don't you think so? :-)

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