Lightning McQueen Bento

My son was really happy when I made him this bento. Actually, I, too, was so happy! I must say that it was really a lot of fun doing it. Honestly, I googled so many bento designs of Lightning McQueen where I could get inspiration from but considering my limited tools, I couldn't find the right one that I could try to do easily. In the end, I decided to just draw inspiration from my son's Lightning McQueen toy. 

You see, he has this small Lightning McQueen toy (pictured below) that he loves to play with. So, what I did was draw the car while it's fronting me. I thought it was easier to do it with the egg sheets using the frontview of the car. Hihi! 

Here's the end result of my imBento. :-)

Lightning McQueen Bento
White bread with cheese inside, apple and grapes under it, and fish nuggets

It's not perfect, yes, but I really love how it turned out. I was even surprised that it looked like that after I finished it. Hihi! 

The white bread has cheese inside. My son super loves cheese! Since I don't have a circle cutter, I just made use of an empty peanut butter jar to cut the bread. Talk about DIY again! :-P

I used cheese and nori for the car details. All freehand cut. For the checked apple, I used a small paring knife to make the checkered design. My son calls it "race apple", haha! 

By the way, I love that bento box I bought from Saizen. It matched the baran (also seen in the above photo) I bought from them, too. I will try to post my loot in my next post. I had lots of fun shopping for bento tools there the other week!

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