My Bento Tools Loot

Two weeks ago, we went to SM North and Trinoma to look for a school bag for the little one. You see, we didn't buy a school bag for him before the school year started simply because we weren't sure yet as to how big a bag he needs.

Anyway, we were able to buy one at Trinoma. Before we went home, I asked dear hubby if I could go and check out Saizen. You know, I wanted to see if they have cute bento tools available. 

And guess what, there were a lot! I was like in bento heaven, hahaha! Thank you, dear husband for allowing me to buy some tools. I was really so genuinely happy!

Here's my loot!

Saizen Bento Tools Loot

Oh, by the way, the snowflakes plunger and the alphabet/number cutters were purchased from Landmark. So, so happy too to finally have those, too! 

Anyway, back to Saizen. When I was already at the cashier to pay, the cashier and the manager said that they're on promo wherein for every four regular prized (Ph88) item you buy, you get one regular prized item for free! I was told that I still need to get 3 more items because of their promo! So, I was like, what??!!! Okay, okay, wait lang, I will go and get three! Yahoo! I hurriedly went back to the shelves and looked for more cute stuff! I was like a child! :-P 

Three days after that, I went naman to Japan Homes to check out more stuff. Hahaha! Yes, I am really into this thing again, I love to bento! 

Here's my loot from Japan Homes!

Japan Homes Bento Tools Loot

Of course, I was super excited when I saw lots of cute foodpicks!

I am really happy with my cute finds! Honestly, I still have some more few items that were not included in my Japan Homes loot picture above. You see, sometimes, whenever I go and check their store and see one or two items that's hard to find or rarely gets replenished in their stocks, if I have budget, I would go and purchase it. Of course, if walang budget, pass muna. :-)

So, there! I am more than excited to continue making cute food for my little one, and for my hubby, too! :-)

Are you into bento-ing, too? Where do you buy your tools? Care to share? I would love to know! Thanks! :-)

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