Piano Bento

I made another auditory discrimination - inspired bento for Trev's baon on his fourth day in class. This time around, their lesson was about musical instruments so I decided to make this simple piano bento for him. 

Piano Bento

I cooked veggie pasta then topped it with cheese and nori for the piano keys details. As usual, his pasta baon has no sauce to avoid accidental spillage on his uniform, hihi! He loves in plain, too, so no worries about me not putting sauce in it. For the sides, I sliced two cubes of fish tofu then added nori and cheese for the notes details. Then peaches for his fruits. By the way, all the details were freehand cut since I don't have cutters for the notes and the piano keys. Also, since I don't have any musical - themed food picks, I just used two animal foodpicks (one with a hat and one with a ribbon) as decor. Just imagine them to be singers, haha! 

It was kind of challenging to make the piano design but all was worth it naman every single time because my son always finishes his food. If at times, he still has some left, he eats it when we arrive home from school. :-) 

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