Trev's Summer Classes 2015

Trev had attended two summer classes this vacation. The first one lasted for a month and the second one lasted for a week. Thank God we were able to juggle the two during the time that the classes were almost in conflicting schedules. 

The thing was, we didn't expect the second one to come. We've actually been looking for a school (preferably a Montessori school) to enroll Trev this coming school year when we found this school. I have heard good feedbacks about that school so I asked hubby that we go and check it out. Luckily, they were offering one week free Montessori class in preparation for the coming school year. The problem was, Trev was at that time still attending his current summer class. There was only an hour between the two classes but the distance between the two schools were kind of far. Plus the heat during noon time (his summer classes were from 11am to 12nn and 1pm to 3pm, respectively) was almost unbearable. Not to mention that we're commuting via jeepney from the two schools. Thank God we made it through that one week. 

Anyway, they had a mini commencement exercise after the one week Montessori summer class. They even performed a dance number during the program. So cute! It was only a week's worth of classes but they were able to squeeze in their practice, nice!

With his Montessori teachers.
Here's their performance. You can't hear it clearly but my boy exclaimed "Nanay, I did it!" at the end of their dance . Haha! 

Almost three weeks ago, we attended the Commencement Exercise of his other summer class. The kids were all so cute in their costumes. The school also awarded each student with a character award. Oh, yes, that's one of the things that I like about that school. Their approach in teaching is different compared to other schools. They're more on character - based learning. By the way, it's a multi-intelligence learning center. 

My little one was awarded Exemplary Display of Patience. His Tatay and I were so proud of him!

My Tiger Cub. :-)

Here's their performance during the program. I have watched this video hundred times already (of course, that's just exaggeration but you get what I mean I'm sure, hihi!) but I still feel so amused every single time. It never fails to make me smile. I have to say that Trev really did a great job. :-) 

To all his summer class teachers from the two schools, thank you very much for taking care of my son and all the kids, too, for guiding and teaching them. 

Now that summer classes have ended, we're getting ready for the coming school year. We were honestly torn whether to continue enrolling him in a Montessori school (since that's our original plan anyway) or to enroll him to his multi-intelligence school. In the end, we have decided to continue with our original plan. So, the other day, we have officially enrolled him for the coming school year. He's now an incoming Kinder 1 pupil. In his school, his level is called Junior Advanced Casa. 

Honestly, I am a little bit nervous and excited at the same time. I trust my son's abilities  and capabilities and I know that he can do it despite the fact that he's one of the youngest in the class (he's only 3 years old). 

Good luck, anak. I know you can do it. Always remember that we love you so so so much and that we will always be here for you. :-)

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